1920s Rare Book ‘Wants’ list

An old list (a 24 page pamphlet) put out by a superior antiquarian bookshop (Walter T. Spencer) in 1920s London. The bookseller has noted almost every single desirable book at that time. Many titles are now forgotten, no longer wanted, impossible to find OR still extremely valuable or even more wanted now than then (e.g. Jane Austen, The Brontes, Beardsley, Wilde.)



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(Opposite Mudie's Library and near the British Museum). 

Telephone No. 5847 Central. Telegraphic Address- "Phiz, London." Private Address- CULVER HOUSE, THE ESPLANADE, SHANKLIN, ISLE OF WIGHT.

Bankers - LONDON & COUNTY (New Oxford St. Branch).

Any Parcels of Books sent, I willingly pay carriage both ways, if we do not come to terms.

Cash always sent by Return Post. Established 1884

→ Shall be glad to hear of Imperfect Copies or Odd Vols of any Books or odd plates in this List.

Many of the books were very rare even then - especially anonymous pamphlets put out by the Romantics and items such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning's impossible first book Battle of Marathon. Spencer's list encapsulates bookseller wisdom of his age and rarities passed down from 19th century book sellers. These were the 'sexy' books of his day and some of them are still appearing on wants list, some no longer wanted or too easily found (e.g. Charles Lever, Frank Smedley, Walter Scott.)

Spencer, known in the trade as 'Tommy', wrote a memoir "40 Years in my Bookshop" (London 1923) that reveals part of his story. Spencer's dates were possibly 1866-1964, he is unknown to Wikipedia and the DNB but these old booksellers lived long lives. He was a major book seller of his time, a friend of forger Thomas J. Wise and appears to have dabbled in forgery himself. His shop was at 27 New Oxford Street and he dealt in prints, plate books, bound sets, the Romantics, Americana, first editions of his time (Wilde, Conrad, Galsworthy, etc.). A big Dickens man, popular with visiting American plutocrats like pickle king Henry J. Heinz and numbering among his customers, Sir Henry Irving, Gladstone, George Meredith, Andrew Lang, Gissing, Pater, Swinburne, and Richard Jefferies. Specialist bookseller (1890s) Tim D'Arch Smith recalls Spencer trading from Upper Berkeley Street in the late 1950s. He even remembers his bookseller code - 'TWICKENHAM' with T standing for one, W for 2 etc., 

 O.F. Snelling wrote in a book trade memoir '...much of what he knew has certainly gone into limbo...some of the best tales I ever heard of Spencer's dealings never got into his book.' He was a constructor of false provenances, involved with some fake Shaw letters, a maker up of questionable sets of Dickens in the parts and would also 'sophisticate' books with unacknowledged facsimiles. His 1920 wants list (undoubtedly effective) could, to a great degree, have been the source of his fortune. It partly answer bibliophile A.E. Newton's remark- 'How he does it, where he gets them, is his business.' There is often an ingenious trick or stratagem behind fortunes made in the book or art trade.

The first book mentioned Absurdities In Prose & Verse is illustrated by Alfred Crowquill (pic by him above) with 13 hand coloured plates and now goes for £150 + in nice condition, for the ninth book in the list - A Declaration of the State of Virginia (1620) sells for circa £15000. It is likely that Spencer put many standard collector's books in his list to hide the occasional devastatingly valuable book. 

Absurdities In Prose Verse, 1827
Account of New South Wales, 1804
-Any Books published by him, with coloured plates
Actors by Daylight, 1838-9, 55 Nos.
Actors by Gaslight, 1838, 37 Nos.
Adair (J.) History of American Indians, 1775
Adam (R. and J.) Works in Architecture, 3 vols, folio, 1778, &c.
Addison (J.) Damascus and Palymyra, 2 vols, 1838
A Day's Ride, second edition
A Declaration of the State of Virginia, 1620
A Dialogue in the Shades, 1766
Adonais, an Elegy on the DEAth of John Keats, by P. B. S., Pisa,1821
Adventures of a Post Captain, with coloured plates, d (1821)
Adventures of Count Fathom, 2 vols, 1753
Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaesv, 2 vols, 1762
Adventures of Ulysses, 1808
Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy, 1818
Adventures of Mr. Ledbury, 3 vols, 1844 or 1846
Advice, a Satire, 4to, 1746 

AEsop's Fables, any editions before 1600
Africa (South), Bound Volumes of Tracts relating to
-Any Volumes, or Series of Plates, relating to
Agnes Gray, Vol 3, 1847
Agrippa (C.) Trattato di Scientia d'Arme, 4to, Roma, 1553
Ainsworth (W. H.) Rookwood, 1836 or 1851, illustrated
Alaric at Rome, a pamphlet, Rugby, 1840. (£20 offered)
Alastor, or the Spirit of Solitude, and other Poems, 1816
Aldine Poets (The), 53 vols, 1830-46
Alice in Wonderland, 1865 or 1866
A Letter to Lord Ellenborough, Barnstaple, 1812
Alken, Analysis of the Hunting Field, 1846
Alken (Henry) National Sports, 1812, 1823, or 1825
-Life of a Racehorse, 1848
-Any books illustrated by him
-Any set of prints or separate ones by him
Alpine Journal, set, or any vols or numbers, especially Nos. 21 and 101
Alps, The High, without Guides, 1870
Alps, Any books on the
Alton Locke, 2 vols, 1850
Amelia, 4 vols, 1752, or odd vols
America, books on, printed before 1850
America, any series of views, or separate prints of views in N. America and Canada
American Musical Miscellany, 1798
Analyst (The), vols 1 to 3, or any
Anatomy of Melancholy, 1621
Anecdotes of PAinting in England, 5 vols, 1826
Angelo on Fencing
An Address to the Irish People, 1812
An Elegy Wrote in a Country Churchyard, 1751
An Essay on Mind, 1826
An Historical Account of Pensilvania, 1698
Angas (G. F.) New Zealanders, 1847
-South Australia
-Kaffirs, illustrated, 1849
Angling, Any books on, before 1700
Annals of Gallantry, 3 vols, 1814-15, or odd
Annals of Sporting, 13 vols, or odd
Annual of the Civil and Military Gazette, by four Anglo-Indian Writers, Lahore, 1885
Annual Register, 1850 to date
Any books on the Alpine District since 1840
Any books printed before 1500
Any books illustrated by Phiz (H. K. Browne)
Any Books having Presentation Inscription of the Author or of any Donor of importance other than the Author ; or with drawings, autograph marginalia, &c.
Any books illustrated by Durer, Burgmair, Ammon, or other ald artists of merit
Any books issued by the abbotsford, Bannatyne, Maitland, Roxburghe, or similar clubs
Any books on vellum with illuminations (Missals, Breviaries, Horae, Processionales, Service Books, &c.)
Any Books, Tracts, Maps, or Views relating to Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New England, Nova Scotia, or other North American Colonies ; or to Canada before 1830
Any books with extra illustrations
Any Early Romances of Chivalry
Any Fine Art Books of Superior Class . antique or modern

Any Fine Early Bindings, or with embroidered covers
Any Galleries of Good Engravings : especially coloured or mezzotint
Any Prints of Military Uniforms published by Ackermann, Greaves, McLean, Colnaghi, Fores, &c.
Any Old Atlases, or Books containing Early Maps of the World, or of America, before 1800
Any Old Chap-Books with Coloured Frontispieces, or the same (or Sheet Ballads and Broadsides) with antique woodcuts
Any Old Editions of the Bible, New Testament, Psalter, &c., if of rarity only
Any Old Jest Books and Drolleries
Any Vols Old Newspapers before 1700
Any Old Sporting Books
Any Old Humorous Scrap Books
Any Old Coloured Engravings by Cruikshank, George Morland, Bartolozzi, Wheatley, Ward, Singleton, Bigge, &c.
Any Manuscripts, Presentation Copies, Letters, &c. of Dickens, Thackeray, C. Lamb, P. B. Shelley, J. Keats, R. Burns, or any of the favourite authors and authoresses ; very high prices given for these
Any Portraits of General Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Major Andre, Paul Jones, Edmund Kean
Any really rare Black Letter books
Any Triumphs ; or Wedding, Funeral or other Pageants with Plates
Any very fine Caligraphy, in MS., or Engraved or Old Books on the Art
Any volumes of 16th-17th Century Black Letter Proclamations, Act of Parliaments ; especially of a Local, Trade, American, Jacobite, &c. interest
Apianus (P.) Inscriptiones Sacrosanctae, small folio, Ingolstadt, 1534
A Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things, by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford, 1811
A Proposal for putting Reform to the Vote, by the Hermit of Marlow, 1817
Arabian Nights. Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, with notes by Sir R. Burton, 10 or 16 vols, 1885-8
Archaeologia Cantiana (Set or Run)
A Refutation of Deism, 1814
A Rent in a Cloud, green cloth, Chapman & Hall, N D (1869), or any edition
Aretino, Capricciosi, 8vo, Cosmopoli, 1660
Army and Navy Gentleman's Companion, 1784
Arnold (Matthew) Alaric at Rome, pamphlet, Rugby, 1840. £20 offered
-Cromwell, pamphlet, 1843
-The Strayed Reveller, by A., 1849
-Empedocles on Etna, by A., 1852
Arthur O'Leary, 3 vols, 1844
Artists' Repository, 4 vols, 4to
Art of Cookery, by a Lady, 1747
Art of Manual Defence, 1789
A Sentimental Journey, 2 vols, 1768, or odd
Ask Mamma, in monthly parts or cloth, 1858
Assurance Magazine, vols 1 to 13, or any
Astrology, Any old books on
A Tale of Rosamund Gray, 1798
Atkyns (Sir R.) State of Gloucestershire, folio, 1712
Aucassin and Nicolete, translated by Andrew Lang, 1887
Audsley and Bowes, Keramic Arts of Japan, 2 vols, folio, 1875
Audsley, Ornamental Arts of Japan, 2 vols, folio, 1882
Audubon (J.) Birds of America, 7 vols, or odd
Auld Licht Idylls, 8vo, 1888
Australia, Any books on pamphlets on, before 1830
Australia, any Views (sets or odd) before 1860
A Vindication of Natural Diet, a philosophical poem, 1813
Bab Ballads, 1869.; also More Bab Ballads, N D
Bacchus and Venus, Songs and Catches, 1737
Bacon (Francis), any works before 1830
Badminton Library, Hunting, large paper 1885
Baker (G.) Newe Jewell of Health, 4to, 1576, or similar works
Baker's Northamptonshire, 5 vols, royal folio, 1822-41
Ballads and Lyrics of Old France, 1872
Ballades in Blue China, 1880 or 1881
Baring-Gould (S.) Iceland, 1863
-Were Wolves, 1865
Barker (T.) Art of Angling, 4to, 1653
Barlow (F.) Severall Wayes of Hunting, Hawking and Fishing, plates, folio, 1671
Barrington (G.) New South Wales, 1810
-Botany Bay
Bartsch, Le Peintre Graveur, set or long run
Basile (G.) The Pentamerone, 1848
Batchelar's Banquet, 1603
Baxter, Cabinet of Painting, 1837
-Colour Prints by ; any in books, or loose, or Scrapbooks containing any
-The following Colour Prints : "The Parting Look," "The Queen Opening Parliament," "The Coronation of Queen Victoria," and any other large or small ones by G. Baxter
Beaumont (F.) Poems, 4to, 1640, or any of his Plays
Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, 11 vols, 1843
-1 vol, 1647
Beauty and the Beast, small square child's book, 1811
Beckford, Thoughts on Hunting, 1781, 1796, or 1810, or any old edition
Bede (Cuthbert) Verdant Green, first edition, 1853-1854-1857
Bee (The) Essays on Interesting Subjects, 1759
Behmen (Jacob) Works, 4 vols, 4to, 1764-81
Bell (Currer, E. and A.) Poems, 1846
Bell (T.) Kalogynomia, 8vo, 1821
Belvoir Hunt, Journal of the, any years
Bennet (C. H.) Any books with coloured illustrations by, before 1870
Bentham and Muller, Flora Australiensis, 3 vols
Bentham (W.) Handbooks British Flora, 2 vols, 8vo
Bentham's (Jeremy) Works, 11 vols, 1843
Berkeley (G. F.) Reminiscences of a Huntsman, 1854
Berners (Lord) Arthur of Little Britaine, 4to, 1814
Berry (W.) Pedigrees of Essex, 1841
-Pedigrees of Kent, folio, 1830
-Pedigrees of Sussex, 2 vols, folio, 1830
Beverley (R.) History of Virginia, 1705 or 1722
Bewick's History of Birds, 2 vols ; Quadrupeds, Aesop's Fables, Select Fables, and any others illustrated by him before 1830
Bickham (G.) Musical Entertainer, 1733 or 1740
Bigmore and Wyman's Bibliography of Printing, 2 vols, 4to, 1880-86
Billing's Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, 4 vols
Birch's Pottery and Porcelain, 2 vols
Black Thief (The), a Drama from the Irish, 12mo, privately printed, 1882
Blagdon (F. W.) Life of George Morland, 1806
Blair's Cyclopaedia of Australia
Blake (W.) The Book of Thel, 1789
-Gates of Paradise, 1793
-Vision of the Daughters of Albion, 1793
-America, a Prophecy, 1793
-The First Books of Urizen, 1794
-Jerusalem, 1804
-Book of Job
-Angels and Devils
-Heaven and Hell
-Poetical Sketches, 1783
Blank Verse, by C. Lloyd and Ch. Lamb, 1798
Blason de Fleurs (Le), 1581
Blomefield and Parkins' History of Norfolk, 11 vols, 4to, 1805-10
Blue Stocking Revels, N D
Blackmore (R. D. Lorna Doone, 3 vols, 1869
-Clara Vaughan, 3 vols, 1864
Boccaccio, Falles of Princes, translated by Lidgate, folio, 1554
Boccaccio (or Boccace) Decamerone, 5 vols, 8vo, 1757, or any old Italian edition
Boeck vanden pelgherym, folio, 1586
Bohn's Extra Volumes, any
Bon Gaultier's Book of Ballads, 1845
Bonny's High Alps of Dauphine, 1865
Bon Ton Magazine, 11 vols, or any odd vols or parts
Books for Boys and Girls, by J. B., 1688
Book of Common Prayer, before 1650
Book of Fortune, folio, 1698
Book Plates, any of those found pasted inside the covers of books, on fly leaves, or behind titles, fine or dated ones only
Books with Paintings on the Fore-edges
Boorde (A.) Breviarie of Health, sm. 4to, 1589, or any really old and curious English Medicine
Borrow (G.) Targum or Metrical Translation, 1835
-Romantic Ballads, 1826
-The Talisman, 1835
-The Sleeping Bard, 1860
-Romano Lalo-Lil, 1874
-Romany Rye, 2 vols, 1857
-Bible in Spain, 3 vols, first edition
-Any of his Works
Bouquet Parlant (Le), 8vo, 1780
Bourne's Regiment for the Sea, 4to, 1580
Bourrienne's Life of Napoleon, 4 vols, 1836
Boxiana, 5 vols, 1812-30
Boydell's Heads of Illustrious Persons, 1811
-Illustrations to Shakespeare (100), folio, 1802
Boys (W.) Collections for Sandwich, Kent, 2 vols, 4to, 1792
Braddock's Expedition to Virginia, 8vo, 1775
Braithwaite (R.) Essaies upon the Five Senses, 8vo, 1655, or any of his Tracts
Breton (N.) Post Packet of Mad Letters, 4to, 1669-70
British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits, 2 vols, 1822
British Theatrical Gallery, 1825
British Stage (Kenrick's), 5 vols, 1817-21, or any
Britannia Newspaper, 1841
Brodrick (W.) Falconer's Favourites, folio, 1865
Brome (A.) Songs and other Poems, 8vo, 1661
Brome's Covent Garden Drollery, 1672
Bronte, Jane Eyre, 3 vols, 1847, or odd vols
-Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 3 vols, 1847, or odd
-Wuthering Heights, 3 vols, 1847, or odd
-Agnes Grey, vol 3, 1847
Brough's Life of Falstaff, in monthly parts, or cloth, 1858, or any odd parts
Brown, Jones and Robinson, 1854
Browning (Robert) Bells and Pomegranates, the 8 parts, bound or unbound, or any odd parts, 1841-6, part 6 especially wanted
-Paracelsus, 1835
-Sordello, 1840
-Strafford, 1837
-Men and Women, 2 vols, 1855
-The Ring and the Books, 4 vols, 1868
-Red Cotton Nightcap Country, 1873
Bruce (Dr.) Roman Wall, 4to, 1867
Bucaniers of America, 4 parts, 1684-5
Buch der Natur, Augsberg, 1478
Buch der Natur, von Conrat von Megenberg, Augsberg, 1475
Buckle's History of Civilisation, 2 vols
Bullein's Bulwarke against Sicknesses, folio, 1562
Bullen's Old English Plays, 4 vols, 4to, 1882-5
Buller's Birds of New Zealand, 1873
Bunbury (H.) Illustrations to Shakespeare, 21 plates, imp. folio, 1792-6
Bunsen (C. C.) Egypt's Place in History, 5 vols or vol 5 only
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, any edition before 1700
Burke (E.) Works, 8 vols, 8vo, 1852
Burlington Fine Arts Club Exhibition of Miniatures, 4to, 1889
Burlington Fine Arts Club, Catalogue of Enamels, 4to, 1897
Burney (J.) Discovery of the South Seas, 5 vols
Burns (R) Poems, Kilmarnock, 1786
-Poems, 1787
-Letters addressed to Clarinda, 1802
Burton (R. F.) El Medinah and Mecca, 3 vols
-Any of his Works
Busy Bee (The) Old Songs, 3 vols
Byron (Lord) Hours of Idleness, 1807
-English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, first edition N D (1809)
-English Bards, &c., fifth edition, 8vo, 1812
-The Island 1823
-Any first editions, uncut
Cabinet of Genius, 2 vols, 1787
Caldecott's Old Christmas, 1876
Calliope (a Song Book), 2 vols, 1787
Campbell (T.) Poems, 1837
Captain Sword and Captain Pen, 1835
Carew (Thomas) Poems, 8vo ,1640
Carey (D.) Life in Paris, 1822, or any odd parts
Caricature Magazine (The), any vols
Caricatures, any Collection of old
Carmichael's Views of Sidney, 1829
Cartwright's Comedies and Poems, 1651
Catch Club (The), or Merry Companions (Old Catches with Music)
Catch that Catch Can (Songs with Music), 1667
Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, 2 vols, 1771
Caxton, or Wynkyn de Worde. Anything from these presses, perfect or imperfect. Or Early English Printers generally
Celebrated Trials, 6 vols, 1825, or any vols
Centur Guild Hobby Horse, 6 vols, 1886-92
-Parts 17, 18, 19, 20
Chaffers (W.) Keramic Gallery, 2 vols, 1872
Chalkhill (J.) Thealma and Clearchus, 8vo, 1683
Chamberlayne (W.) Pharronnida, a Heroick Poem, 8vo, 1659
Champlain (Sieur de) Voyages, Nouvelle France, 4to, 1613
Chants et Chansons Populaires, 4 vols, 1848, &c.
Chappell, Popular Music, 2 vols
Charms of Cheerfulness (Songs), 1789
Chaucer (G.) Canterbury Tales, 1526
-Works, 1538, 1542, or 1561
Chauncey's Antiquities of Hertfordshire, folio, 1700
Chemical Society Journal, 1849 to 1870, or odd volumes
Chesterfield's Letters, 5 vols, 1845-53
Children of the Chapel (The), 12mo, 1864
Children of the New Forest, N D, 2 vols
Children's Books, any small curious ones, before 1815
Childs' English and Scottish Popular Ballads, set
Chippendale (T.) Cabinet Maker's Directory
-Designs of Furniture
Choice Collection of Scots Poems, 3 parts, 8vo, 1705-13, or any
Choix de Chansons ; Musique, 4 vols, 1773- Or anything similar in nature and period
Christianism, 1846
Chronicles of Fashion, 2 vols, 1845
Chronicon Nurembergense, folio, 1493
Churchill (C.) Poetical Works 3 vols, 1844, or odd vols
Churchyard (T.) Any of his Tracts
Cicero ; Cato Major, 1774
Citizen of the World, 2 vols, 1762
Civil Engineers, Minutes of Proceedings of, vols 1 to 20, or any of those vols
Clarissa, 7 vols, first edition
Classic Tales, 5 vols, 1806-7
Claude's Liber Veritatis, 3 vols, folio, 1777-1819
Clio and Euterpe, 3 vols, 1758
Clutterbuck's Hertfordshire, 3 vols, folio, 1815-27
Coaching Days, 1888
Coaching, any sets of Prints or odd ones
Cockain (Sir A.) Poems, 1658
Cocker (E.) Arithmetick, 1671 or 1678
Cockfi-ghting, any Books or Pamphlets on, before 1850
Cock-fighting, any sets of Prints of or odd ones
Cockton (H.) Valentine Vox, in monthly parts, or cloth, 1840, or any odd parts
-Sylvester Sound, in monthly parts or cloth, 1843, or any odd parts
Colburn's New Monthly Magazine, July and August, 1845
Coleridge (S. T.) Notes on Shakespeare, 2 vols, 1849
-The Watchman, 8vo, Bristol, 1796
Collins (D.) New South Wales, 2 vols, 1798
Collins (Wilkie), any first editions
Collinson's History of Somerset, 3 vols, 4to, 1791
Collyns (C. P.) Chase of the Wild Red Deer, 1862
Comforts of Bath, 12 coloured plates, by Rowlandson, oblong 4 to, Fores, 1798
Comic History of England, in parts or cloth, 1847-8. or odd parts
Comic History of Rome, in monthly parts or brown cloth, N D, or odd parts
Comic Nursery Tales, Orr & Co., N D
Conciones ad Populum, 1795
Confessions of an Oxonian, 3 vols, 1826
Confessions of Con Cregan, 2 vols, or odd parts
Conjugal Lewdness (by Defoe), 1727
Constable's English Landscape Scenery
Constitutional and Public Ledger, 1836-1839
Cooke (M. C.) British Fresh Water Algae, with Supplement (British Desmids), 3 vols, 8vo, 1882-7
-Handbook of British Fungi, with Supplement, 3 vols, 8vo, 1871-91
-Illustrations of British Fungith Supplement, 8 vols, 8vo, 1881-91
Cooper (J. Fenimore) Novels, complete set, 30 vols, 8vo, New York, 1860
Coronation of George IV., Folio Coloured, either Naylor's or Whitaker's
Corsair Gazette, New York, 1839-1840
Contarini Fleming, first edition, 4 vols, 1834
Cooke (Colonel) On Fox Hunting, 1826
Copie of a Letter sent to Don B. Mendozo, on the State of England, relating to the Spanish Armada, 1588, small 4to
Corser (T.) Collectanea-Anglo-Poetica, 4to, 1860-83
Cortes (H.) Conquest of West Indies, 4to, 1596
Coryat's Crudities, 1611
Costumes of the Clans of the Scottish Highlanders, 2 vols, 1845
Costumes, Works on
Costumes, Books of
Cotgrave's Wits Interpreter, 1671
Cotton, Compleat Angler, 1676
Cowper (W.) Poems, 1782
-The Task, 1785
Cox (D.) Landscape Painting
Cox (D.) Memoir of, by Solly
Cracks of the Day, 1841
Crealock (Lieut.) Deer Stalking in the Highlands, 1892
Creighton's Papacy during Reformation, 5 vols, 1882-94
Cricket, any Prints relating to, plain or coloured
Cricketers, any Prints, Portraits, &c., of
Crompton's Pierides, or Muses Mount, 1658
Cromwell, a Prize Poem, Oxford, 1843
Crowe and Cavalcaselle, History of Painting, 3 vols, 1864-66
Crowe and Cavalcaselle, History of Painting, N. Italy, 2 vols, 8vo, 1871
Crowe (E.) History of France, 5 vols, 1858-68
Crowquill (A.) An Holiday Grammar, 1825
Cruikshank (George or Robert), any Books or Pamphlets illustrated by these Artists
-Omnibus, in parts or cloth, 1842
-Fairy Library, any
-Fairy Library, Puss in Boots, published by Routledge, late Arnold, green covers
-Comic Almanack, a set, 1835 to 1853, in parts or any odd ones
-My Sketch Book, in 9 parts, 1834
-Scraps and Sketches, 4 parts, 1826-32
-The English Spy, 2 vols, 1825-6, or odd vols or parts
-Hans of Iceland, 1825
-Peter Schlemihl, 1824
-George Cruikshank's Magazine, pts.1-2
-The Brighton Lodging House, parts 1-2
-Any loose Caricatures, plain or coloured
Cruikshank (George or Robert) Any Original Drawings or Autograph Letters
Curry and Rice, published by Day & Son, N D
Curtis's Botanical Magazin, 1839 to 1890, or any part
-British Entomology, 16 vols
Curzon (G. N.) Russia in Central Asia
-Persia, 2 vols
Dampier's Voyages, 4 vols, 1729, 8vo
Dance of Death, 2 vols, 1815-16
Dance of Life, 1817
Dance (G.) Collections of Portraits, 1809-14
Dancing, Books on, before 1850
Dancing (The) Master, 1670
Daniel (G.) Merrie England, 2 vols, 1842
Daniel (Samuel) Whole Works, 1623
Daniels Press, Oxford, any Books or Pamphlets printed at
Daniell's (W.) Voyages round Great Britain, 8 vols, or any vols
Daniell's African Scenery, large folio, 1808
Daniell's Oriental Scenery, 6 vols, large folio, 1795-1808
D'Arblay's (Madame) Diary, 7 vols, 1843
Dasent (G.) Popular Tales from the Norse, 1859
Davies (Sir J.) Nosce Teipsum, &c., 8vo, 1636
Davison's Poems, 1621
Dawkins (W. B.) Cave-Hunting, 1874
De Bry, Alphabeta et Characteres (about 50 plates of writing, &c.), 1596. Or his Travels and Voyages
Decleration of Rights, a broadside, Dublin, 1812
Defoe's Works, 20 vols, 1840-1, or vol 4
Delany (Mrs.) Autobiography, both series, 6 vols, 1861-2
Denton's Brief Description of New York, 4to, 1670
Denzil Place, by Biolet Fane, 1875
Derby Day (The), 8 coloured plates, Fores
Der Freischutz Travestie, 1824
Derome's Relieure de Luxe, Japan paper, 8vo, 1888
Deuchar's Etchings, 3 vols, 4to, 1803
Diary of a late Physician, 3 vols, 1832-8
Dibdin (T. F.) Any of his Bibliographical Tours
Dickens (Charles) Sketches by Boz, 2 vols, first edition, 1836, or either vol
-Songs, Choruses, and Concerted Pieces in the Operatic Burletta of the Village Coquettes
-The Strange Gentleman, a Comic Burletta by Boz, with frontispiece by Phiz, 1837. £30 offered
-Sketches of Young Gentleman, first edition, cardboard covers, 1838
-Great Expectations, arranged for a Reading, 8vo, N D [186-], a pamphlet
-Proceedings Thirteenth Festival, Roy Gen. Theatrical Fund, 1858, in yellow wrapper
-Speech ; Administrative Reform Association, Theatre, Drury Lane, 8vo, 1855
-Sketches of Young Couples, cardboard covers, 1840
-Is She His Wife ? a pamphlet, Chapman and Hal, N D [1868]
-Mr. Nightingale's Diary, 1877
-The Lamplighter, a Farce, paper covers, 1879
Dickens (Charles) The Plays and Poems of Charles Dickens, 2 vols, 1882
-To be Read at Dusk, 1852
-Child Pictures from Dickens, 1868
-Report of a Dinner given to, 1842
-Speech of, 1863
-Address delivered at Birmingham, 1869
-Any separately printed Speeches
-Any Plays, Portraits, &c. relating to him or his Works
-Sunday under Three Heads, by Timothy Sparks, paper covers, 1836
-Sketches of Young Ladies, first edition, cardboard covers, 1837
-Picnic Papers, 3 vols, 1841
-Hands to Master Humphrey's Clock, by Jacob Parallel, 2 parts, or either
-Sibson's Racy Expeditions of the Pickwick Club, 1838
-Extra Illustrations to the Pickwick Club, by Samuel Weller, 1837-8, or odd
-Mr. Nightingale's Diary, a Farce in one Act, 1851
-Library of Fiction, 2 vols, 1836-7, or any odd parts
-The Battle of London Life, by Morna, 1849
-A Curious Dance round a Curious Tree, a pamphlet, N D
Heads to Nicholas Nickleby, by Miss La Creevy, 6 parts, or any
-Mr. Thackeray, Mr. Yates and the Garrick Club, a pamphlet, 1859
-Account of the Origin of the Pickwick Papers, by Mrs. Seymour, N D
-Sketch Book by Bos. Lloyd, N D
-Posthumous Papers of the Wonderful Discovery Club, 1838
-The Pickwick Almanac, 1838
-Lloyd's Pickwickian Songster, Lloyd, N D
-Scenes from Nickleby Married, 1840
-Nichelas Nickelbery, by Bos, Lloyd, N D
-Mister Humfries Clock, Lloyd, N D
-John Jasper's Secret, 1872, or any parts
Digby Grand, 2 vols, 1853
Dobson (Austin) Vignettes in Rhyme, 1873
-Proverbs in Porcelain, 1877
Domestic Architecture in England, 4 vols, 1857
Donovan (E.) Any Works on Natural History
Don Juan, his Life in London, 1821-22
Don Quixote, 3 vols, 1833
Donne (John) Poems, 1633, 1635, 1639, 1654, 1669
Doran (D.) Their Majesties' Servants, 2 vols, 1864
Dorando, a Spanish Tale, 1767
Dorat, Les Baisers and Mois de Mai, 8vo, 1770, title in red and black
Dover (G.) Annalia Dubrensia (Cotswold Games), 4to, 1636
Dowell's History of Taxation, 4 vols
Down the Road, 1875
Doyle (R.) Christening Procession of Prince Taffy, coloured plates, 8vo, 1842
Doyle (R.) Tournament ; or Chivalry Revived, coloured plates, oblong 4to, 1830
Dramatic Portraits, any Collection of
Drayton (M.) Poems, 1619
-Poly-Olbion, 1613 or 1622
Dr. Syntax in London, 1820, complete, or any odd parts
Dr. Syntax's Tours, 3 vols, 1812-1820, 1820-1821, or any odd parts of either
Drummond (W.) Poems, 1656
-Forth Feasting, 1617
-Poems, 1616, 1656, 1659
Dulcken, Scenes from Pickwick (4 plates in wrapper), N D (1861)
Dugdale's St. Paul's Cathedral, folio, 1657
Dunstall (J.) Book of Flowers, Fruits, Birds, Beasts, &c Four Series, or any, oblong, 4to, 1661, &c.
D'Urfey (T.) Wit and Mirth ; or, Pills, &c., o vols, 1719-20
Earle's Views in New Zealand
Eccentric Tales from the German, 1827
Ecole Francaise, Les Estampes en Couleurs du xviii siecle, double set of proofs, 1885
Eden, State or the Poor, 3 vols, 4to
Edinburgh University Magazine, Jan. to April, 1871, or any
Edwin and Angelina, 1765
Egan (Pierce) Life of an Actor, 1825
-Sporting Anecdotes, 1804, 1825, or 1827
-Any of his Works
Elements of Morality, 3 vols, 1791
Eliot (J.) Poems, 1658
Eliot (George) Scenes of Clerical Life, 2 vols, 1858, or either
-Adam Rede, first edition, 3 vols, 1859
-Romola, 3 vols, 1863
-Agatha, 1869
-Brother and Sister, by Marian Lewes, 1869
Elliott's History of India, 6 vols
Emerson (R. W.) Nature, Boston, 1836
-Poems, 1847
-Any first editions
Emma, 3 vols, 1816, or odd
Emaux de Petitot (Les), 1862
Empedocles on Etna and other Poems, by A., 1852
England's Parnassus, 1600
English Lakes, 48 coloured plates, imp. 4to, Ackermann, 1821
English Pilot, fourth book, large folio, 1761
Eothen, or Traces of Travel, 1844
Epipsychidion, Verses addressed to the Noble Lady Emilia V-, 1821
Erasmus, Praise of Folie, Englished by Chaloner, sm. 4to, 1549 or 1569
Essay on the External Use of Water, 4to, 1752
Essays of Elia, 1823
Estienne (H.) Art of Devises, 4to, 1650
Euphranor, a Dialogue on Youth, 8vo, Pickering, 1851
Evans (J.) Ancient Stone Implements, 1872
Evelina, 3 vols, 1778, or either
Evelina, or Female Life in London, 1821 or 1822
Experienced Angler, 1668
Experiments and Observations on Electricity, London, 1751
-Ditto, part 2, London, 1753
Exquisites (The), a Farce, 1839, with 4 plates, private circulation. £20 offered
Eyton (R. W.) Antiquities of Shropshire, 12 vols, 8vo, 1854-60
Fagan's Engraving in England, 3 vols, large folio, 1893
Faithorne (W.) The Art of Graving and Etching, 8vo, 1662
Falconry in the British Isles, 1873
Fancy (The), or True Sportsman's Guide, 2 vols, 1826
Fashionable Bores, &c., by Peter Quiz, oblong 4to, 1824
Faulkner's History of Chelsea, roy. 8vo, 1810
-History of Fulham, roy. 8vo or 4to, 1813
-History of Kensington, 4to, 1820, or any of his Histories
Faustus, his Life, Death, &c., 1825
Felix on the Bat (Cricket), 4to, 1845
Fergusson (Sir J.) Tree and Serpent Worship, 1868
Fielding (H.) Works, 12 vols, 12mo 1824
-Amelia, 4 vols, or 1, 2, 3, uncut, 1752
Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, 1859
-Second Edition, 1868
-Third Edition, 1879
Flaubert (G.) Herodias, triple set plates, 8vo, 1892
Flatman (T.) Poems and Songs, 8vo, 1674
Flinders' Terra Australis, 2 vols and Atlas, 1814
Flore et Zephyr, Ballet Mythologique, par Theophile Wagstaff (8 large plates), 1836
Fly Leaves, by C. S. C., 1872
Folk Lore Society's Publications, 1878-93
Fonblanque, Annals House of Percy, privately printed, 2 vols, 8vo, 1887
Forbes and Hanley's History of British Mollusca and their Shells, 4 vols, 1853
Forbes (J. D.) Alps of Savoy, 1843 or 1845
-Norway and its Glaciers, 1853
Fortunate Mistress ; Life of Mdlle. de Beleau, 1724
Fortunes of Torlogh O'Brien, 1847, or any odd parts
Foster's Pedigrees of Yorkshire, folio, 1874
Four Kings of Canada, 12mo, London, 1710
Fox's Speeches, 6 vols, 1815
Franck (R.) Northern Memoirs, 8vo, 1694
Frank Fairleigh, in monthly parts or cloth, 1850, or any odd parts
Franklin (Benjamin) Any of his Works, or anything published by him before 1780
Fraser (Sir W.) The Stirlings of Kier, 1858, or any of his Genealogical Works
Frasers of Philorth, 3 vols, 1879
Freeman (E. A.) History of Sicily, 4 vols, 1891-4
-Norman Conquest, 6 vols, 1875, &c., or any of his Works
-Essays, 4 vols ; or Second Series only Freemasonry, any Books, Pictures, and Tracts before 1830
Freer (Miss) Life of Margaret d'Angleterre, 2 vols, 1854, or either vol
-Married Life of Anne of Austria, 2 vols, first edition, 1865 ; or either vol
-Last Decade of a Glorious Reign, 2 vols, 1863, or either vol
-Marie de Medici, 2 vols or either vol
-Any of her Works
From Dawn to Noon, by Violet Fane, 1872
Froude's English in Ireland, 3 vols, 8vo, 1872-4
Fugitive Pieces, Newark, 1806. £40 offered
Gafori (F.) Theoricum Opus Armonicae, sm. 4to, 1480
Gaguin (R.) Chroniques de France, sm. folio, 1516
Gamonia, 1837
Gardiner, History of England, 1603-16, 2 vols, 1863
-History of the Civil War, 3 vols, 1886-91
-Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, 2 vols, 1867
Garland of Good Will (The), by T. D., 12mo, 1705, or any Garlands
Gascoigne (Geo.) Whole Works, sm. 4to, 1587
Gay's Fables, 2 vols, 1727-1738, or either vol, 4to
Gebir, a Poem, 1798
Geddes (W.) A Book of Sundry Draughts, sm. 4to, 1615
Geneste (J.) The English Stage, 10 vols
Gent (T., of York) Any of the Books printed by him
Gentleman's Pocket Album, 5 vols, 1827-31, or either vol
Gentleman's Tutor of the Small Sword, or Complete English Fencing Master, 1730
George St. Julian, in monthly parts or cloth, 1841, or any odd parts
Gerard's Herball, 1597, or 1636, folio
Germ (The), 4 parts, 1850, or any odd parts
Germain (P.) Elements d'Orfevrerie, 4to, Paris, 1748
Gheyn (J. de) Maniement d'Armes, d'Arquebuses, Mousquetz et Piques, folio, 1607
Gilbert (H.) New Passages to Cataia, 4to, 1576
Gilbert (J.) Dolomite Mountains, 1864
Gilbert (Wm.) The Angler's Delight, 8vo, 1676
-The Young Angler's Companion, 8vo, 1682
Gil Blas, 2 vols, 1833, or either vol
Gilchrist (A.) Life of W. Blake, 2 vols, 1863
Girard (P. J.) Traite des Armes, 4to, 1740
Gladstone (W. E.) Studies on Homer, 3 vols, 1858
Glapthorn (H.) Poems, 1639
Goddard's Military Costumes of Europe, 2 vols. 1812
Godfrey Malvern, 1843
Godolphin, 3 vols, 1833, or odd
Good Natured Man, 1768
Goldsmith (O.) She Stoops to Conquer, 1773, first edition
-Vicar of Wakefield, 2 vols, Salisbury, 1766, or either, or 1 vol, 1843
Gough's Sepulchral Monuments, 5 vols, folio, 1786, &c.
Gould's Birds of Australia
-Any of his Ornithological Works Gray's Poems, 1768
Goldsmith (O.) She Stoops to Conquer, 1773, first edition
-Vicar of Wakefield, 2 vols, Salisbury, 1766, or either, or 1 vol, 1843
Gough's Sepulchral Monuments, 5 vols, folio, 1786, &c.
Gould's Birds of Australia
-Any of his Ornithological Works
Gray's Poems, 1768
Gray (J. E.) Genera of Birds, 3 vols, 1849
Green's Lives of the Princesses, 6 vols, 8vo, 1850-55, or vols 4, 5, and 6
Greenwich Hospital, coloured plate, 4to, 1826
Greville Memoirs, 3 vols, 1874
Grimm's German Popular Stories, 2 vols, 1823-26, or either vol
-Ditto, ditto, 2 vols, 1834
Grimble (Aug.) Deer Stalking, 1886, 4to
Gronow (Captain) Reminiscences, 4 vols, 1862-63-65-66, or either vol
Grosart's Reprints of Unique and Very Rare Books, 37 vols, 1875-81
Guest (Lady C.) The Mabinogion, 3 vols, imp. 8 vo, 1849
Gulliver's Travels, 2 vols, 1726, or odd
Guy Mannering, 3 vols, 1815, or odd
Habington's Castara, 1640
Habiti delle Donne Venetiane, folio, 1610. Or Fac-simile, 1877
Hakluyt Society's Publications, any
Hakluyt's Divers Voyages, 4to, 1582
Hallam (A. H.) Poems, N D (1830)
Halle's Union of Lancaster and York, folio, 1548
Hals (W.) History of Cornwall, Exeter, N D (1750)
Hamerton (P. G.) Etchings and Etchers, 1868
Hamilton, Elements of Quaternions, 1866
Handley Cross, in monthly parts or cloth, 1854 or any odd parts
Handy Andy, in monthly parts or cloth, 1842, or any odd parts
Hardy (Thomas) Desperate Remedies, 3 vols, 1871, or either vol
Harlaein Society Publications
Harris (S.) Old Coaching Days, 1882
Harris's History of Kent, folio, 1719
Harris (W. C.) Wild Animals of S. Africa, 2 vols, folio, 1840
Harry Coverdale's Courtship, in monthly parts, or cloth, Virtue, N D, or any odd parts
Harvey (Wm.) Anatomical Exercitations, 8 vo, 1653
Hassell (J.) Life of George Morland, 1806
-Excursions on Thames, 1823
-Rides and Walks round London, 2 vols, 1817, coloured plates, or either vol
Hasted's History of Kent, 4 vols or 12 vols
Haunch of Venison, 1771
Havell's Views on the Thames, or loose plates
-Views of Cities, Towns, &c., any
Hawbuck Grange, 1847
Hints to Young Sportsmen
Hawker's Instructions to Sportsmen, 1844, or any edition
Hayley's Life of Romney, 4to, 1809
Haywayrd (A.) Biographical Essays, 2 vols, 8vo, 1858, or I vol, 1873
Hazlitt (W. C.) Venetian Republic, 4 vols, 1860
Heads of the People, 2 vols, 1840-1, or any odd parts
Heath (W.) Military Duties, 1824
-British Cavalry, 1820
-British Infantry, coloured plates
-British Artillery, coloured plates
-Any Military Plates by him
Hector O'Halloran, Bentley, N D, or odd parts
Helen's Tower, privately printed, N D (1861), 4to, pink wrapper
Hellas, a Lyrical Drama, 1822
Helps (A.) Spanish Conquest, 4 vols, 1855-61, or vol 4
Hennepin's New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, 8vo, 1698
Heppelwhite's Cabinet Maker's Guide
Herbert (George) The Temple, 1633, or imperfect
Herrick (Robert) Hesperides, 1648
Hervey (Lord) George the Second, 2 vols, 1848
Hervey (T.) Book of Christmas, 1836
Hesiod, Georgics,translated by Chapman, 4to, 1618
Hewitson, Eggs of British Birds, 2 vols, 1856
-Exotic Butterflies
Hewlett (Maurice) Earthwork out of Tuscany, 1895
-Masque of Dead Florentines, 1895
-Pan and the Young Shepherd, 1898
-Songs and Meditations, 1897
-Forest Lovers, 1898
Heywood's Works, 1550-90
Heywood (T.) Hierarchie of Angels, folio, 1635
-Spider and the Flie
Higgins (G.) Celtic Druids, 1829
-Anacalypsis, 2 vols, 4to, 1836
Hillingdon Hall, 3 vols, 1845, or odd
Hissey (J. J.) Old-Fashioned Journey, 1884
-A Drive through England, 1885
Historic Military and Naval Anecdotes
Historical Records of the Various Regiments
History and Adventures of an Atom, 2 vols, 1749, or either vol
History of Arthur, King of Britaine, 4to, 1634
History of a Warm Watchcoat, 12mo, 1754
History of Joseph Andrews, first edition, 2 vols, 1742, or either vol
History of the River Thames, coloured plates, 2 vols, 1794-6
History of Botany Bay, Bristol, 1787
History of New England, 1667
History of New Holland, Glasgow, 1796
History of French Revolution, 3 vols, 1837
History of the Company of Leathersellers, 1871
Holbein's Portraits, Court Henry VIII., 1792, folio
-Veteris Icones, 4to, 1540
Holborn Drollery ; or the Beautiful Chloret, 1673
Holland House, 2 vols, 1874
Holland (H.) Heroologia Anglica, sm. folio [1620]
Holme (R.) Academy of Armory, folio, 1701
Holtzapffel (C.) Turning, 5 vols
Holy Bible, translated into the American Language by J. Elliot, Cambridge, Mass., 1661 or 1635
Homer, Iliads, translated by Chapman, folio, 1611
Homer, Works, translated by Chapman (1616), folio
Hondius, Historia Mundi, folio, 1635
Honest Fellow, or Reveller's Book of Songs, 1767
Honour of the Taylors ; History of Sir John Hawkwood, sm. 4to, 1687
Hood (T.) Comic Annual, 1839
-Tylney Hall, 1834, 3 vols, uncut
-Whimsicalities, 2 vols, 1844
Hooker and Greville, Icones Filicum, 2 vols, 1829-31
Hooker (Sir J. D.) Botany of the "Erebus and Terror," 4 vols, 1847-55
Hooper's Waterloo, 1862
Hooton (C.) Colin Clink, 3 vols, 1841
Hope (Sir W.) The Scots Fencing Master, 12mo, 1687
Horace Templeton, 2 vols, 1848, or either vol
Hortus Sanitatis, Mogunt, 1491
Hotten's Lives of the Saints (only in the Antique Style Binding), 4to, 1869, or Toovey's, or Newman's
Howell's State Trials, 32 vols
Howitt (S.) Oriental Field Sports
Howitt (W.) Northern Heights, 1869
How Pippins enjoyed a Day, &c., oblong folio, Fores, 1863
Hoyle on Whist, 1742
Hubbard (W.) Present State of New England, 1667
Humorist (The), 4 vols, 1819-20, or any vols
Humphrey Clinker, 3 vols, 1771, or either vol
Humphrey's British Butterflies and Moths, 3 vols, 1849-51
Humphreys (Noel) Illuminated Books of Middle Ages, large folio, 1849
Hungarian and Highland Broadsword Exercise, 1798, oblong folio
Hunnis (H.) Seven Sobs of a Sorrowful Soule, 8vo, 1597
Hunt (Leigh) Autobiography, 3 vols, 1850
-Any of his books published before 1862
Hunter's Historical Journals, 1793
-New South Wales
Hunting Reminiscences, 1843
Hussey's British Mycology, 1847-55
Hutchins History of Dorset, 4 vols, folio, 1861-70
Hutchinson's Colony of Massachussetts, 2 vols, 1760-68
Hutchinson's History of Cumberland, 2 vols, 1794
Huth Library, edited by Grosart, a Set complete, or Portion, 8vo, 1881, &c.
Hyll (T.) Profitable Art of Gardening, 1574
Ibis (The), a Magazine, 1859 to 1890, or any
Independence, an Ode, 4to (Glasgow), 1773
Indespensable Accomplishments, 4 coloured plates, in wrapper, oblong folio, 1824
Ingoldsby Legends, 3 vols, 1840-42-47, or either vol
Inquiry into Present State of Polite Learning, 1759
Instructions how to play at Billiards, Bowls, &c., 1687
Ireland's Life of Napoleon, 4 vols, 1823-1828, or any parts or vols
Ireland (W. H.) Maid of Orleans, 2 vols, 1822
Irene, a Tragedy, 1749
Jack Sheppard, any Life of this Notorious Housebreaker
Jackson (Lady) Old Paris, 2 vols, 1878, or either vol
-French Court, 2 vols, 1881, or either
-Any of her works
Jacob Faithful. 3 vols, 1834
-3 vols, with coloured plates, 1837
Jane Eyre, 3 vols, 1847, or either vol
Jameson (Mrs.) Sacred and Legendary Art, 2vols, first edition
-Legends of the Madonna
-Legends of the Monastic Orders
Japhet in Search of a Father, 3 vols, 1836
-3 vols, with coloured plates, 1837
James (Capt.) Military Costume of India, 1813
James (G. P. R.) Works, 21 vols, 1845-49, or any especially Arabella Stuart
Jefferies (Richard) Reporting, Editing, &c., N D [1873]
-Jack Brass, 1873
-The Goddards, Swindon, N D
-The Scarlet Shawl, 1874
-Restless Human Hearts, 3 vols, 1875
Jerrold (B.) Life of Napoleon III., 4 vols, 8vo, 1874
Jerrold (D.) Men of Character, 3 vols, 1838, or either vol
Jersey (Countess of) An Object of Pity, Amsterdam, 1891
Jesse (J. H.) London and its Celebrities, 2 vols, 1850
Jesse (J. H.) Memoir of Richard III., 1862
-The Pretenders, 2 vols, 1845
Jests, Any Book of, before 1800
Joe Miller's Jests, 1739
John Halifax, 3 vols, 1856
John Woodvil, 1802
Johnson's (Capt.) Lives of Highwaymen, 1736
Johnsoniana, 1836
Jones (E. J.) Memoirs of Miss O'Neil, 1816
Jones (T.) History of Brecknock, 2 vols, 4to, 1805-9
Jones, Present State of Virginia, 1724
Jones's Rock Climbing, 1897
Jonson (Ben) Workes, 3 vols, 1616-31-40, folio, or first edition single plays
Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities, 1838 or 1839
-Ditto, ditto, second edition, 1843
Joseph Andrews, 2 vols, 1742, or either
Joseph Rushbrooke, or the Poacher, 3 vols, 1841
Journal of Sentimental Travels in South of France, 1821
Journal of the Conspiracy formed by some White People, 4to, New York, 1744
Journal of Two Expeditions to New South Wales, 1820
Journal Society of Chemical Industry, 4to, any
Joutel's Journal of M. de la Salle's Last Voyage, 8vo, 1714
Jowett's Plato, 5 vols, 8vo, 1875
Junot's Memoirs of Napoleon, 3 vols, 8vo, 1883
Kay's Edinburgh Caricatures, 4 vols, 1837-8
Kean (E.) Life of, 2 vols, 1835
Any Portraits of
Keats (John) Poems, 1817, or imperfect
-Endymion, 1818, or imperfect
-Lamia, 1820, or imperfect
-Life and Letters, 2 vols, 1848, or vol 2
-Poems, 1851 to 1858, any editions
Kelmscott Press, any Books printed at
Kenrick (T.) British Stage, 6 vols, or any vols
Kett's Garland of Man's Glorification, 4to, 1585
Killigrew (T.) Comedies and Tragedies, sm. folio, 1664
King (P. P.) Coasts of Australia, 2 vols, 1827
King of the Golden River, first edition, 1851
Kingsborough Mexican Antiquities, 9 vols
Kingsley (Charles) Any first editions of his Works, especially Pamphlets
Kipling (Rudyard) Plain Tales from the Hills, 1888
-Departmental Ditties, Lahore, 1886
-Letters of Marque, 1891
-Echoes by Two Writers, Lahore [1884]
-Schoolboy Lyrics, Lahore, 1881
-Soldiers Three, Allahabad, 1888
-The Smith Administration, Allahabad, 1891
King Glumpus, an Interlude, privately printed, 1837, London
L'Abbaye de Penmarc'h, melodrame en trois actes, Paris, 1846
La Fontaine, Contes et Nouvelles, 2 vols, 1762
Latimer (Bishop) Black Letter Sermons by him, 1537, &c.
La Pucelle d'Orleans, 2 vols, 1797
Lamb (Charles) Tales from Shakespeare, 2 vols, 1807, or either vol
-Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, 1808
-Works of, 2 vols, 1818
Album Verses, 1830
Any first editions
Lambarde's Perambulation of Kent, sm. 4to, 1596
Lancre (P. de) Tableau de l'Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons, sm. 4to, 1613
Landor (W. S.) Works and Life, 8 vols, 8vo, 1874-6
Landor's Gebir, 1798
-Poems, 1797
-Any first editions
Landseer's Works, India Proofs, 2 vols, royal folio, Graves, N D
Lane (R. J.) Portraits of C. Kemble, 1840
Lanfrey (P.) History of Napoleon, 4 vols, 1871-79
Lang (A.) Ballads and Verses Vain, cr. 8vo, New York, 1884
Laon and Cythna, 1818
Last Essays of Elia, 1833
Latham's Falconry, or the Faulcon's Lure and Cure, sm. 4to, 1633
Lawson (John) New Voyage to Carolina, 4to, 1709
Leech (John) Any Books illustrated by him before 1866
-170 Designs and Etchings, 2 vols folio, 1855
Le Grand's Fabliaux ou Contes, 5 vols, 8vo, 1829
Le Gros L'Art de la Coeffure, 8vo. 1765. Or any old Book on Hair
Leland's Itinerary, 9 vols, 1776
Le Prince d'Armour, or the Prince of Love, 1660
Lescarbot (M.) Histoire de la Nouvelle France, 8vo, 1618
Lessons on Thrift, 1820
Leslie (C. R.) Memoirs of J. Constable, 1843
Leveridge's Collection of Songs, 1726
Lewis Arundel, 1852, in monthly parts or cloth, or any odd parts
Lewis (Sir G. C.) Any of his Works
Lewis and Clarke's Travels, Missouri River, 3 vols, 8vo, 1815, or 4to, 1814
L'Heptameron Francais, 3 vols, 8vo, 1780
Liancourt (Sieur de) Le Maistre d'Armes, 4to, 1686
Liber Amoris, 1823
Library of the Fathers, 42 vols
Life of Napoleon, by Dr. Syntax, 1815 or 1817
Life of Richard Nash, or Bath, 1762
Life in London, Real, 2 vols, 1821-2
Life of John Mytton, 1835-1837 or 1851
Life of a Sportsman, 1842
Life of Peter Wilkins, 2 vols, 1751
Lilford (Lord) British Birds, 7 vols (or in parts), 8vo
Lillywhite's Cricket Scores, 4 vols or any
Lipscombe's Buckinghamshire, 4 vols, imp. 4to, 1847
Lisle, Play upon Words
Lloyd (L.) Scandinavian Adventures, 2 vols, 1854
-Field Sports, 2 vols, 1831
Game Birds, 1867
Locker (F.) London Lyrics, 1857 or 1868
-London Lyrics, L.P., 8vo, privately printed, 1881
-Poems, fcap. 8vo, privately printed, 1868
Lodge (E.) Portraits of the Illustrious, 4 vols, folio
Loggan (D.) Cantabrigia Illustrata, folio, 1688
-Oxonia Illustrata, folio, 1675
London, a Poem, 1738
London and its Celebrities, 2 vols, 1850
Long (J.) Voyages of an Interpreter, North American Indians, 4to, 1791
Longfellow (H. W.) Any first editions before 1870, published in America
Longus, Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, 8vo, Paris, 1718
Looking-Glass (The), or Caricature Annual, coloured plates, 7 vols, folio, 1831-33, by Seymour
Love's Garland, or Posies for Rings, 1624
Lovelace (R.) Lucasta, Epodes, 1649
Lowell (J. R.) Biglow Papers, Cambridge, U.S.A., 1848, 8vo
Lyra Elegantiarum, first edition, 1867
Lyrical Ballads, with a few other Poems, 1798
Lycett, Views in Australia, 1824
Lyly (John) Euphues, The Anatomy of Wit, sm. 4to, 1581
-Euphues and his England, sm. 4to, 1581
Lytton (Lord) Any first editions
Madden (R. B.) United Irishmen, 7 vols
Maid of Orleans, 2 vols, 1822
Major's Edition of Walton's Angler, 1823
Major's Edition of Walton Lives, 1825
Malet (Capt.) Annals of the Road, 1876
Malton's Tour through London -Views in Dublin
Man in the Moon, parts 20 to 30, any
Mann's Picture of New South Wales, 1810
Manning and Bray's Surrey, 3 vols, folio, 1814
Mansfield Park, 3 vols, 1814, or odd
Margaret Catchpole, 3 vols, 1845
Marie-Antoinette, by De Nolhac, folio, 1890
Markham (G.) The Pleasures of Princes, 1614, 1625, or 1635 (4to), or any of his Works
Marlowe (C.) Rich Jew of Malta, 4to, 1633, or any of his Plays
Marot (D.) Opera, sm. folio, Amsterdam, 1712
Marryat (Capt.) Jack Ashore, 3 vols, 1840
-Pacha of many Tales, 3 vols, post 8vo, 1835
Marriage, a Novel, 3 vols, 1818, first edition, uncut, or odd volumes
Marston (John) The Malcontent, 4to, 1604, or any of his Plays
Martial and Naval Achievements, from 1793 to 1817, 2 vols, or either
Martial's Epigrams, translated by Fletcher, 8vo, 1656
Martyr's Decades of the New World, translated by Eden, 4to, 1555, or imperfect
Maurice Tierney, green cardboard covers, N D
Marvy, Sketches after English Painters, Bogue, N D
M[ascall] L[eonard] A Book of Fishing, 1590, 4to
Mather (Cotton) Any Works by
Mather (Increase) Any Works by
Matrimonial Magazine, 1775
Maxwell (W. H.) Irish Rebellion, in monthly parts or cloth, 1845, or imperfect
Meadows (Kenny) Heads of the People, 2 vols, 1840-41, or odd parts
Memoirs of a Protestant, 2 vols, 1758
Memoirs of a Count Grammont, 1793 or 1809, or 1811
Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, 4 vols, 1825, or vol 4
-Or any illustrations
Memoir of Thomas Lodge, 4to, privately printed, 1882
Memoirs of the Countess of Derby (late Miss Farren), N D, 1797
Meredith (George) Poems by, Parker, N D (1851). £10 offered
-Modern Love, 1862
Meteor (The), a Magazine, 8 numbers (or any), 1815-16. £20 offered
Metrical Translations, St. Petersburg, 1835
Meyrick's Ancient Armour, coloured, 5 vols, large 4to, 1842-54
Meyrick's Visitations of Wales, 2 vols, imp. 4to, 1846
Microcosm of London, 3 vols, or odd portions
Microscopical Quarterly Journal, a set
Middleton's Works, ed. by Dyce, 5 vols, 8vo, 1840
Military Adventures of Johnny Newcombe, 1815
Military and Naval Anecdotes
-Library, 2 vols, coloured plates, 1798
-Costume of Europe, 2 vols, 1822
Mill (J. S.) Dissertations and Discussions, 4 vols, 8vo, 1875
Mills (J.) The Stage Coach, 3 vols, 1843
Milton (John) Comus, 1637
-Lycidas, 1638
-Areopagitica, 1644
-Poems, 1645, or imperfect
-Paradise Lost, 1667, 1668 or 1669
-Paradise Lost, illustrated, 1688
-History of Britain, 1670
-Paradise Regained, 1671
-Works, 8 vols, Pickering, 1851
Miniature Books. Any not more than 2 inches high
Mirror of Fashion, 1823
Mirror of the Stage, 4 vols
Miscellaneous Poems, Boston, 1826
Mitford's History of Johnny Newcome
Modern Manhood (Boxing), 1788
Mohawk Primer, 1786
-Book of Common Prayer, 1787
Moliere (M. de) Depit Amoureux, 1663
-L'Ecole des Femmes, 1663
-L'Estourdy ou les Contre-temps, 1663
-Le Misanthrope, 1667
-Le Marriage Force, 1668
-Amphitryon, 1668
-L'Avare, 1669
-Les Fourberies de Scapin, 1671
-Les Femmes Savantes, 1673
Molinari, Coloured Scrap Book, 28 coloured plates, oblong 4to, 18-
Molloy (J. F.) Royalty Restored, 2 vols
-Court Life below Stairs, 4 vols
Mommsen's Rome, 4 vols, 8vo, 1868
Montaigne's Essays, translated by Florio, folio, 1603
Montigny, Uniformes Militaires, coloured, 8vo 1772
Moor (E.) Hindu Pantheon, 1810
Moore's Alps in 1864. £5 offered
More (Sir T.) Utopia, translated by Robinson, 12mo, 1551
-Works, sm. folio, 1557
More Hints on Etiquette, first edition, 1838
Morgan (Sylvanus) Armilogia . . . the Language of Arms, sm. 4to, 1666
Morland (George), Life of
-Any large engravings after
Mornings at Bow Street, 1824
Morris (Rev. J. O.) History of British Birds, 6 vols, imp. 8vo, 1863
Morris (William) Any first editions of his Works
-Sir Galahad, 1858
-Two Sides of the River, 1876
-Earthly Paradise, first edition
Motley (J. L.) Life of John Barneveld, 2 vols, 1874
-Dutch Republic, 3 vols, 1856
Mountaine (D.) The Gardener's Labyrinth, sm. 4to, 1577
Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, 1846 or 1866
Mrs. Leicester's School, 1809, first edition, £10 offered
Mudford (W.) Campaign in the Netherlands, 1817
Napoleon, any books or pamphlets on
Narrative of the Robberies, Escapes, &c. of John Sheppard, with front., 1724
Nash's Mansions, 2 vols, folio, 1839, &c.
National Standard, 4to, 1833
Nattes' Views of Bath
Natural History and Sport in Moray, 1882
Naval and Martial Achievements
Nell Gwynne, by Cunningham, 1852
Newhouse (C.) Scenes on the Road, coloured plates, oblong folio, N D
Newman (J. H.) Apologia Pro Vita Sua, 1864
New Readings of Old Authors, 4 vols, 1841
New South Wales, General Standing Orders, 1802-6
New Sporting Magazine, any portion
New York, Philadelphia, and Boston Directories, before 1850
New York, any Histories of, before 1810
New Zealand, any Books or Pamphlets on, before 1850
New Zealand Journal, a set or any vols
Nicholls (J.) History of Leicestershire, 8 vols
Nick of the Woods, 3 vols, 1837
Nieman's Concise Natural History of East and West Florida, 12mo, New York, 1775 "Nimrod's" The Chase, Turf, and Road, 1837 or 1870
-Hunting Reminiscences, 1843
-Northern Tours, 1838
-Hunting Tours, 1835
Nimrod, 4 vols, 1828-30
Nimrod's Songs of the Chace, 1808
Nisbet's Heraldry, 2 vols, folio, 1722-42
Northanger Abbey, 4 vols, 1818, or odd
Notes and Queries, Index vols to third and fifth series, or either
Notes on the State of Virginia, 1782
Numismatic Journal, a set
Nuts and Nutcrackers, 1845
Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493
O'Brien (H.) Round Towers of Ireland, 1834
Ode on the Departing Year, 16 pp., 1796
(Edipus Tyrannus, or Swellfoot the Tyrant, a Tragedy, 1820
Oldfield (Mrs.) Authentick Memoirs of her Life, 1730
Oldfield (Mrs.) Faithful Memoirs of her Life, 1731
Oliphant (Mrs.) Makers of Florence, 1876
Olney Hymns, 1779
Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyat, translated, Madras, 1862
Original Letters of Sir J. Falstaff, 1796
Original Poetry by Victor and Cazire, London, 1810
Orlando Furioso ; translated by Harrington, folio, 1634
Orme, Military Anecdotes, 4to
-British Field Sports, 1807
Orpheus Britannicus, 1706
Ortelius, Theatre of the Whole World, coloured, folio, 1606
Our Own Times, 4 parts, 1846
Overstone (Lord) Tracts on Commerce, 8vo, 1859
-Tracts on Metallic and Paper Currency, 1857
Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, 1856, or any odd parts
Oxford, Brief Historical Notes, folio, 1880
Oxley's Expeditions in New South Wales
Painter's (W.) Palace of Pleasure, 2 vols, sm. 4to, 1566-7
Pallette (Peter) Illustrations to Nicholas Nickleby, any parts
Palgrave (F.) English Commonwealth, 2 vols, 1832
Palgrave (Sir F.) History of Normandy, 4 vols, 8vo, 1851
Palliser, History of Lace
Pamela, 4 vols, 1741, or either vol
Pamphlet : A Proposal for an Association of Philanthropists, Dublin, 1811
-Letter to Lord Ellenborough, no date, about 1813
-Address to the People on Death Princess Charlotte, 1817
Papworth (J. W.) British Armorials, 1874
Pardoe (Miss) Marie de Medici, 3 vols, 1852
-Louis the Fourteenth, 3 vols, 1847
-Francis I., 2 vols, 1849
Park's Topography of Hampstead, roy. 8vo, or 4to, 1814 or 1818
Parkinson's Paradisus in Sole, folio, 1629
Parsons (Col.) Book of Cyphers, oblong, 1703, Anything similar
Parthenon, 1838
Pater (Walter) Studies in Renaissance, 1873
-Essays from "The Guardian," 1896
-Imaginary Portraits, 1888
-Appreciations, 1889
-Marius the Epicurean, 2 vols, 1892
-An Imaginary Portrait, 8vo, 1894
Paul Goslett's Confessions, 1868
Pauline, a Fragment (Poems), 1833
Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 3 vols, 1859-62
Pelham (C.) Chronicles of Crime, 2 vols, 1841
Penhallow (S.) Wars of New England, 8vo, 1726
Pepys (S.) Memoires of the Navy, 1690
Percy Wyndham's Strictures on an Impostor, 8vo, 18-
Peregrine Pickle, 4 vols, 1751, or either vol
Peter Bell, a Tale in Verse, 1819
Peter Simple, 3 vols, 1834, or either vol
-3 vols, 1837, or either vol
Phillips (Stephen) Primavera, 1890, first edition
-Christ in Hades, 1896
-Eremus (Lillie Press)
-Poems, 1898
Philobiblon Society, any vols
Pierce Plowman's Vision and Crede, 1561, or imperfect, or any edition before 1600
Pillement, Cahiers de Fleurs (all or any in good state), 4to, 1660, and after
Plain or Ringlets, in monthly parts, or cloth, or half bound, 1860, or any parts
Plat's Delightes for Ladies, 8vo, 1609
Playfair Papers, 3 vols, 1841
Plays, any old ones, 4to, printed before 1700
Poems by Melanter, 1854
Poems by Two Brothers, 1827
Poems from the Arabic, 4to, Warwick, 1800
Poems, 1830-33, privately printed, 1862
Poems on Various Occasions, Newark, 1806 or 1807
Poems on Various Occasions, 1709
Poems, by E. A. Poe, 1829
Poems, by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, published by Aylott and Jones, 1846. £10 offered
Poems, by S. T. Coleridge, Bristol, 1796 or 1797
Poems, by J. R., 1850
Poems, by George Gordon, published at Newark, Notts, 1806
Poetical Essay on the existing state of things Oxford, 1811
Poetical Magazine, 4 vols
Poetical Recreations of the Champion and his Literary Correspondents, 8vo, 1822
Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, imp. 8vo, 1813
Poetical Sketches, 1783
Poetry, by Mrs. Leicester, 2 vols, or either
Poetry, by the Author of "Gebir," 1802
Poetry for Children, by the Author of Mrs. Leicester's School, 2 vols, 1809. £50 offered. Or either vol
Polwhele (R.) History of Devonshire, 3 vols, 1797
Pope (A.) The Dunciad, Dublin, London, reprint, A. Dodd, 1728, all editions
Popular Pastimes, coloured plates by Stephanoff, 1816
Portraits of Theatricals, any good
Pottleton Legacy, in monthly parts or cloth, 1849
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson, by John Fitzvictor, Oxford, 1810
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson, by Victor Cazire, 1810, thin small 4to
Preface to Book of Common Prayer, B. Franklin, London, 1773
Present State of New England, 1676 or 1677
Prescott's Reign of Philip II., 3 vols, 1855
Pride and Prejudice, 3 vols, 1813, first or second edition, or odd vols
Primrose (Diana) A Chaine of Pearle, 1630
Prince Dorus or the Long-nosed Prince, 1811
Prince of Abissinia, 2 vols, 1759
Prints, any series or separate plates by Ben Tally-Ho !
Proceedings of the Theatrical Fund, 1851
Prometheus Bound, 1833
Propert, History of Art of Miniature, imp. 4to, 1887
Proposals for an Association of those Philanthropists, Dublin, 1812
Prout's Melbourne Illustrated folio
-Sydney Illustrated, folio
Psalms of David in Metre, Edinburgh, 1594, or 1640
Psalterium Americanum, Boston, 1718
Punch's Pocket Book, 1847, or any vols
Purchas (S.) His Pilgrimage, 5 vols, 1625-6
Pury, Memoires sur le Pays des Caffres, 1718
Pylgrymage of Perfection, &c., folio, 1531
Pyne (W. H.) Royal Residences, 3 vols
Quartette, The Christmas Annual of the Civil and Military Gazette, by Four Anglo-Indian Writers, Lahore, 1885
Queen Mab, a Philosophical Poem, with Notes, 1813
Question (The), a Poem, 8vo, 1887
Rabelais, (Euvres, 2 vols, 8vo, 1553, or 1 vol 16mo, 1556 or 1573
Racinet (A.) Le Costume Historique, 4to, 1888
-Polychromatic Ornament, folio, 1873
Radcliffe (D.) The Noble Science, 1839
Railways, any Engravings relating thereto, before 1850, plain or coloured
Ralfe (J.) Naval Chronology, 3 vols, 1820
Rambler's Magazine, 9 vols, 1738-90
Ramsay (Allan) The Ever Green, 2 vols, 1724
-The Gentle Shepherd, 1725
-Poems, 1721
-Proverbs, 1737
Randolph (T.) Poems, 1638
Rattlin the Reefer, 3 vols, 1836
Rawlinson (Sir H.) Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy, 8vo, 1873
Raynouard (F.) Poesies des Troubadours, 6 vols, 8vo, 1816
Reade (C.) Peg Woffington, 1853- £1 offered
-Any first editions
Real Life in Ireland, 1821, or any parts
Real Life in London, 2 vols, 1821, or any parts
Recollections of Rifleman Harris
Recueil des meilleurs Contes en Vers, 116 plates, 1778
Recueil d'estamps ; Guerre de l'Independance de les Etats Unis, folio, 1780
Redford (G.) Art Sales, 2 vols, 1888
Reformer's Reply to Edinburgh Review, 1810
Refutation of Deism, 1814
Reid (G. W.) Catalogue of Cruikshank's Works, 3 vols, 1871
Reliques of Father Prout, 2 vols, 1836
Remarks on a Tour to North and South Wales, 1797
Rembrandt, (Euvres complete. Both sets of plates, 40 parts, also Supplement and Catalogue. Plates in 35 portfolios, 1881-5
Report of the Attorney-General's Information, 1812
Reporting, Editing and Authorship (pamphlet), 1873
Reproof, a Satire, 4to, 1747
Retif de la Bretonne. Monument du Costume Physique et Moral de la fin du Siecle, folio, 1782. Or a set of Les Contemporaines, with all the plates. Please report anything of his
Revolutionary Epick, 4to, 1834
Reynardson (C.) Down the Road, 1875
Reynolds (Sir J.) Engravings from, folio, Moon & Co., N D
Rice (W.) Tiger Shooting, 1857
Richard Savage, 3 vols, 1842
Road Scrapings, 1840, engraved sporting plates, oblong folio
Roadster's Album (The), 1845
Robinson Crusoe, 2 vols, 1719-20, or either vol
Robinson (H. C.) Diary, 3 vols, 1869
Robinson (W.) History of Hackney, 2 vols, 8vo, 1842
-History of Tottenham, 2 vols, 8vo, 1840, or any of his Histories
Rochester (Earl of) Works of, 2 vols, 1739
Rock (Dr. D.) Church of our Fathers, 4 vols
Rocky Mountains, Oregon, or that Region, anything on : Books, Pamphlets, Pictures, Plates, Maps, &c.
Roderick Random, 2 vols, 1748, or either
Rogers (C.) Prints by Bartolozzi, 2 vols, roy. folio, 1778
Rogers (S.) Italy, 1830
-Poems, 1834
Romantic Ballads, 1826
Romford's Hounds, in monthly parts or cloth, or half calf, 1865, or any parts
Ronsard (P. de) Les (Euvres de, 6 vols, 4to, Paris, 1567
Rosalind and Helen, with other Poems, 1819
Roscoe's Novelist's Library, 19 vols, 1831-3, or any odd ones
Ross (Alex.) Fur Hunters, 2 vols, 1855
Rossetti (D. G.) Early Italian Poets, 1861
-Poems, 1870
Rossetti (C.) Goblin Market, 1862
Prince's Progress, 1866
Rowlands (S.) Diogenes, Lanthorne, 8vo, 1607
Rowlands (S.) Humors Looking Glass, 4to, 1608, or any of his Tracts
Rowlandson (Thomas) Any Books or Pamphlets illustrated by him, or any Collections of his Caricatures
-Loyal Volunteers, 1789
Ruding (R.) Annals of the Coinage, 3 vols
Rules for Reducing a Great Empire, &c., London, 1773
Run with the Stage Hounds (A), 1863
Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point (The), 1849, in wrapper
Ruskin (John) Stones of Venice, 3 vols
-Seven Lamps of Architecture, 1849
-Any of his smaller Works before 1870
Ryley's Itinerant, 9 vols, 8vo, 1808
Salvin and Brodrick, Falconry of the British Isles, 1855 or 1878
Sappho, a Study, 1872
Sergeant Bell and his Raree Show, 1839
Sartor Resartus, in 3 books, 1834
Satan in Search of a Wife, 1831
Satirist (The), vols 11-14, 1813-14
Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, New England Settlers, 4 vols, 8vo, Boston, Us.S.A., 1860
Saxton (C.) Atlas of England and Wales, 1579
Scattergood Family, 3 vols, 1845
Schmidel's Vera Historia Navigationis, 4to, 1599
Scott (Sir W.) Waverley, 3 vols, first edition, 1814, or either vol
Scourge (The), 12 vols, 1811-16, or any odd parts or volumes
Scrope (W.) Deer Stalking, 1838-9
-Salmon Fishing, 1843
Sculptured Stones of Scotland, 2 vols, 1856-67
Secret Memoirs of Harriet Pumpkin, 1825
Select Views of London, Ackermann, 1816
Sense and Sensibility, 3 vols, 1811, or either vol, first or second edition
Shadows of the Clouds, by Zeta, 1847
Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing, 1600
-Love's Labour Lost, 1598
-Midsummer Night's Dream, 1600
-Merchant of Venice, 1600
-Hamlet, 1603-4-5-11
-Works of, folio, 1623, 1632, 1664 or 1685
-Poems, 1640 or N D
-Any of his seperate Plays printed before 1700
-Works, with Notes by Singer, 10 vols, 1826
-Works, with Notes by Valpy, 15 vols, 1832
-Works, 7 vols, 1709-10
-Any Plays before 1710
-Shakespeare Committee and Thackeray, 1864
Shakespeariana, Various Books and Tracts
Shaw (Bernard) Cashel Byron's Profession, 1886
-Plays, Pleasant and Unpleasant, 2 vols, 1898
-Any first editions
Shaw (H.) Dresses of the Middle Ages, 2 vols, 1843
Shelley (P. B.) Prometheus Unbound, 8vo, 1820
-Queen Mab, 1813, first edition, or imperfect
-The Masque of Anarchy, fcap, 8vo, 1832
-The Revolt of Islam, 1818
-The Cenci, Italy. 1819
-Alastor, 1816
-Rosalind and Helen, 1819
-Adonais, Pisa, 1821
-Hellas 1822
-Poetical Pieces, 1823
-Any of his Works before 1830
-Works, 4 vols, 1839, or odd vols
-3 vols, 1847
Sheridan (R. B.) Trip to Scarborough, 1777 or 1781
-School for Scandal, 1786
-Pizarro, 1799
-The Rivals, 1775
She Stoops to Conquer, 1773
Shenstone (Wm.) The School-Mistress, a Poem, 8vo, 1742
Sheraton's Furniture, 2 vols, 1793-4
Shirley (E. P.) English Deer Parks, 1867
Shirly (James) Poems, 1646
Shortest Way with the Dissenters, 1702
Singer (S. W.) History of Playing Cards, 1816
Simonides (Poem), Bath, 1806, 8vo
Sir Hugh, the Heron, 1843
Sketches of Caffre Tribes, 4to, 1851
Smith (Albert) Wassail Bowl, 2 vols, 1842
Smith (J.) History of Virginia, 1624
Smith's Catalogue Raisonne, 9 vols, 1829-42, or odd vols
Smith (J. C.) British Mezzo. Portraits, 4 vols, imp. 8vo, 1884, or the 5 vols
Smith (T.) Diary of a Huntsman, 1838
-Life of a Fox, 1843
Smith's History of the Province of New York, 4to, London, 1757 or 1776
Smollett (T.) Expedition of Humphrey Clinker, 3 vols (vol 1, 1671, misprint for 1771)
Snob (The) and Gownsman's Magazines, 2 vols, Cambridge, 1829-30, or any odd parts
Solon's Old English Potter, folio, 1883
Some Accounts of the Province of Pennsilvania, 4to, 1681
Some Effects of Fermented Liquors, 1814
Songs and Poems, by T. W., 1654
Songs of the Chase, 1811
Songs of Innocence, 1789
Songs of Experience, 1794
South Africa, anything on
Sowerby's Botany, a set
Speeches, any 8vo collected editions of
Speed (J.) Theatre of Great Britain (not without the American portion), folio, 1676
Spenser (E.) Faerie Queen, 1590-6
-Colin Clout, 1595
Sponge's Sporting Tour, in monthly parts, in cloth, or half calf, 1853, or any odd parts
Sporting Magazine, any vols or parts
-Review, any vols
Sports of the Muses, 1752
St. Irvyne, or the Rosicrucian, a Romance, by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford, 1811 or 1822
Stack's Views in Auckland, folio, 1863
Stanley Thorn, 3 vols, 1841
Stanley (T.) Poems, 8vo, 1652
Stephen (L.) Playground of Europe, 1871
-Hours in a Library, 3 vols, 1874-9
Stevenson (M.) Poems, 1673, 1665, 1685
Stevenson (R. L.) An Inland Voyage, 1878
-A Story of a Lie, 1882
-Some College Memories, 1886
Stevenson and Henley, Admiral Guinea, a pamphlet, 1884
-Beau Austin, a pamphlet, 1884
-Robert Macaire, a pamphlet, 1885
-Deacon Brodie, a pamphlet, 1880
Stevenson (R. L.) Notice of a New Form of Intermittent Light for Lighthouses, Edinburgh, 1871
-On the Thermal Influence of Forests, Edinburgh, 1873
-Testimonials in favour of Robert Louis Stevenson, N D [1881]
-The South Seas, 1890
-Any of his Davos Platz Publications
-Moral Emblems, Black Canyon, &c., Davos Platz, 1882
-The Charity Bazaar, 8vo, privately printed, N D [1868]
-Thomas Stevenson, 12mo, blue wrappers, 1887
The Edinburgh University Magazine, Jan. to April, 1871, or any parts
Stradanus, Venationes Ferarum, &c., oblong folio, 1580
Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture
Stubbs (G.) Anatomy of the Horse, 1766
Studies from the Greek Poets, 2 vols, 1873-4
Studio (The), commenced 1893, a set
Suckling (John) Fragmenta Aurea, 1646, 1647, 1648, 1658
Suez-Cide. 1876, a pamphlet
Surtees Society's Publications
Surtees (R.) History of Durham, 4 vols, folio, 1816, &c.
Swedenborg, Latin Works, 4to, 17-
Swinburne (A. C.) Cleopatra, 1866
-"Unpublished Verses," N D [1866]
-William Blake, 1868
Swinburne (A. C.) Laus Veneris, 1866, a pamphlet
-Songs before Sunrise, 1871
-A Sequence of Sonnets on the Death of Browning, 4to, privately printed, 1890
-Dead Love, crown 8vo, 1864
-Grace Darling, private circulation, 1893
-Heptalogia, or the Seven against Sense, 1880
-Siena, 8vo, wrapper, Hotten, 1868
-The Ballad of Dead Men's Bay, fcap. 8vo, privately printed, 1889
-The Jubilee, a pamphlet, 1887
-Any first editions
Symonds (J. A.) Renaissance in Italy, 7 vols, 1875-81, or any vol
-Age of the Despots, 8vo, 1875
-Italian Literature, 2 vols, 8vo, 1881. £5 offered
Syntax (Dr.) Tour in Paris, 1820, or any odd parts
-Tours of, 3 vols, or either
Tableaus des Habillemens, &c., du Pays-Bas, 4to, 1811
Tale of a Tub, first edition, 1704
Tales of the Trains, 1845, or any parts
Tales of the Trains, by Tilbury Tramp, 1845
Tamerlain, by a Bostonian, 1827
Targum, a Metrical Translation, 1835
Taylor (John, the Water Poet) All the (63) Workers, folio, 1630, or any of his Tracts
Tennyson (A.) Poems by, 1830
-Poems by, 1833
-The Victim, 1867
Tennyson (A.) Charge of the Light Brigade, 4to pamphlet, printed for the soldiers before Sebastopol
-The Promise of May, 1882
-Idylls of the Hearth, fcap. 8vo, 1864
-(Enone, 8vo, in wrapper, 1857
-Timbuctoo, N D [1829]
-Lotus Eaters (The), 1860
-Lucretius, 1868
-Welcome to Marie Alexandrowna, 1874
Tennyson (A.) The Passing of Arthur, wrapper, 8vo, 1884
-Promise of May, 1882
The Snob, a Literary and Scientific Journal, Cambridge, 1829, any odd numbers
Theatrical Tourist, coloured plates, 4to, 1805
Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, folio, 1677
Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, 1847-8, or any odd monthly parts
-Fitzboodle Papers, 1857, paper covers
-Denis Duval, 1867
Any of his Works in yellow paper wrappers, 1855-1857
Thackeray, a Lecture, by Crispe, 1857
Thackeray at Clevedon Court, 15 pages, N D (1865)
Thanksgiving Ode, with other Short Pieces, 1816
The Academy of Love, 1641
The Age of Bronze, a pamphlet, 1823
The Anti-Corn Law Circular, July 23rd and Dec. 10th, 1839
Theatrical Recorder, 2 vols, 1805-6
The Battle of Marathon, a Poem, 1820
The Bride's Tragedy, 1822
The Cenci, a Tragedy in Five Acts, Italy, 1819
The Christian Year, 2 vols, 1827, or vol 1
The Commissioner, 1843, in monthly parts, or any parts
The Cracks of the Day, 1841
The Curse of Minerva (a Poem), 1812
The Deserted Village, 1770
The Devil's Walk, a broadside, 1812
The Discovery of New Britain, by Edward Blain and others, 8vo, London, 1651
The Dramatic Scorpion, a satire, 1818
The Eagle, a Magazine, 12 vols, 1859-38
The Englishman's Magazine, 1831, or any parts
The Fortunate Mistress, 1724
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, 1721, or earlier
The Gentleman's Recreation, 1686
The Governor and Company of Connecticut and Michigan Indians, 4to, London, 1767
The History of John Gilpin, printed for J. Fielding, M.D., 1783
The Humourist, 4 vols, 1819-20, or any odd vols or parts of
The Idler, a Magazine of Fiction, 6 parts, 1856
The Laws of Virginia, 1662
The Monk, 3 vols, Waterford, 1795 or 1796
The National Standard, 2 vols, 1833
The Natural History of Selborne. 1789 or 1813
The Naval Officer, 3 vols, 1829, or any vol
The Necessity of Atheism, Worthing, 1811
The Pentland Rising (a pamphlet), Edinburgh, 1866
The Reprisals, a Comedy, 1757
Thespian Magazine, 3 vols, 1793-4
The Strayed Reveller, by A., 1849
The Strolling Player, 3 vols, 1802
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 3 vols, 1848
Thevet (A.) France Antarctique, 4to, 1558
The Waggoner, 1819
The Waltz, an apostrophic hymn, by Horace Hornem (a pamphlet), 1813
Thomas, History of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, London, 1698
Thornton (A.) Don Juan, his Life in London, 2 vols, 1821-2, or either vol
Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, 1677
Thoughts on Hunting, any edition before 1830
Tod's Annals and Antiquities of Rajast'han, 1829-32, 2 vols
Tom Brown's Schooldays, 1857
Tom Jones, 6 vols, 1749, or either vol
Tom Moody's Tales, 1864
Tony Butler, 3 vols, 1865
Tooke (J. N.) History of Prices, 6 vols, or vols 5 and 6
Tour through Paris, coloured plates, folio, 1822
Tooke and Newmarch, History of Prices, vols 5 and 6, 1857
Torch, 1837
Tour of Dr. Prosody, 1821
Town Talk, or Living Manners, 5 vols, 8vo, 1811-14, or odd vols
Treasure Trove, 1844
Trials for Adultery, 7 vols, 1780
Trials, any old volumes of
Tristram Shandy, vols 1-2, 1759 or 1760. £4 offered. Also vol 9, 1767
Tristram (W. O.) Coaching Days, 1888
Trollope (Anthony) The Macdermots, 3 vols, 1848, or odd vols
-Kellys and the O'Kellys, 3 vols, 1848, or odd vols
Trollope (T. A.) History of Florence, 4 vols
Turberville (G.) The Noble Art of Venerie, 1575, 4to
Turner (J. M. W.) Any large books illustrated by him, before 1850
Turner (W.) Herbal, Collen, 1561, folio
Tusser (Thos.) A Hundred Points of Husbandry, 1557, 1570, 1571, 1586
Tyburn Chronicle, 4 vols (1768)
Ultra-Crepidarius, a Satire, 1823
Uzanne (Oct.) Any of his Works
Valentine M'Clutchy, 1847
Valentine Vox, in monthly parts or cloth, 1840, or any odd parts
Valentine's Manual of New York, 1848, or any years
Vallance (A.) The Art of William Morris, 4to, 1897
Vanity of Human Wishes, 1749
Vaughan (W.) Golden Fleece, 4to, 1626
Vaughan, Poems, 1646
Velocipedes, Steam Carriages, &c., any Caricatures relating to, before 1850
Verdant Green, first edition, 1853
Verses and Translations, by C. S. C., 1862
Verses to a Beautiful Quaker, 4to, 1806
Vicar of Wakefield, 2 vols, Salisbury, 1766, or either vol
-With coloured plates, 1817 or 1823
Views by Buck or Kip. Full Sets: Odd Volumes or Portions
Views of Sydney, before 1820
Views of the South Seas, 1808
Villon (F.) Poems, 1878
Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaire Mobilier Francaise, 6 vols, 8vo, 1868-75
Virginia: Acts of Assembly, 1662-1715, 1727
Von Sybel, History of French Revolution, 4 vols, 1867-69
Voragine (J.) Legenda Aurea. In English : The Golden Legend, folio, 1512
Voyage of the Beagle, 4 vols, 1839
Voyage of the Rattlesnake, 2 vols, 1852
Voyage to New South Wales, 1793
Vyner (R. T.) Notitia Venatica, 1841
Walpole (H.) Memoirs of George III., 4 vols, 1845
-Letters, 9 vols, 1857-58
-Memoirs of, by E. Warburton, 2 vols, 1851
Wakefield, Adventures in New Zealand
-Views in New Zealand, plain or coloured
Walker (A.) Beauty in Woman, 1846
Walton (I.) Compleat Angler, 1653 or 1655, or 1661, or 1668, or 1676, or a copy of either edition imperfect
-Angler, any edition before 1700, perfect or imperfect
-Lives, 1670
Walton and Cotton's Angler, 2 vols, Pickering, 1836
Warburton (R. E. E.) Hunting Songs, 8vo, Chester, 1834
Ward's Mexico, 2 vols, 1829
Warner (R.) Hampshire Collections, 5 vols, 4to, 1795
Warwickshire Hunt (The), by "Venator," 1837
Water Babies (The), 1863
Watson's History of Halifax, 4to, 1775
Waverley, first edition, 3 vols, 1814, or odd
Wellington, The Wars of
Wentworth (W. C.) New South Wales
" We pity the Plumage, but forget the Dying Bird," by the Hermit of Marlow, 1812
Wheeler's History of India, 5 vols, 8vo, 1867-81
Wesley's Hymns and Poems, 1739
West (A.) 24 Views in New South Wales
Westall's Plates (with or without text) to Public Schools, roy. 4to, 1816
Westminster Drollery, 1671
Westminster Quibbles in Verse, 1672
Westminster Review, June, 1840
Westwood (J. O.) Facsimiles of MS. Ornaments, 1868. Or similar works
Wheatley's Cries of London, 13 plates, or any
Wheatley's London, Past and Present, 3 vols
Whetstone's Virtues of Sir J. Dier, 4to, 1599
Whistler (J. M.) Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Whitaker's Richmondshire, 2 vols, folio, 1823
White (J.) Voyage to New South Wales, 1790
Whitman (Walt) Leaves of Grass, 1855
Whitney (Geoffrey) Choice of Emblems, 4to, 1586
Whymper (E.) Scrambles amongst the Alps, 1871
Wild Wales, its People, &c., 3 vols, 1862
Wilde (Oscar) Ravenna, 1878
-Poems, 1881
-Salome (Paris), 1893
-Salome (London), 1894
-The Sphinx, 1894
Wilkinson (Tate) Memoirs and Wandering Patentee, 8 vols
Williams, Key into the Languages of America, London, 1643
Williamson's Field Sports, coloured, 1819
Willington's Memoirs of a Protestant, 2 vols, 1758
Wills's High Alps, 1856
-Eagle's Nest
Wilson's Bryologia Britannica, coloured plates
Window in Thrums (A), 8vo, 1889
Winslow's Good News from New England, 1624
Wit and Drollery, 1661 or 1682
Wit at a Venture, 1674
Wither (G.) Carmen Eucharisticon, 4to, 1649
-Collection of Emblemes, sm. folio, 1635
-Juveinlia, 12mo, 1633, or any of his Works
Wit Restor'd, Select Poems, 1658
Wit's Labyrinth, by J. S., 4to, 1648
Wit's Magazine, 2 vols, coloured plates, Tegg, N D (1812), or either vol
Witt's Recreation, 1640, 1641, 1654, 1663
Woods' New England Prospect, 4to, 1637, or imperfect
Woodburn's Gallery of Portraits, 2 vols, 1816
Woodward (G.) Elements of Bacchus, 1792
-Eccentric Excursions, 1796
-Caricature Magazine
-Any books illustrated by him
Wordsworth (W.) Descriptive Sketches, 1793
-An Evening Walk, 1793
-Lyrical Ballads, 1798
-Poems, 2 vols, 1800 ; also 1807
Wordsworth (W.) The Waggoner, 1819
-Peter Bell, 1819
World in Miniature, 43 vols, 12mo or 8vo, N D (1820, &c.), or any odd vols
Wouvermann, (Euvres de, roy. folio, 1737
Wuthering Heights, 2 vols, 1847, or odd
Wycherley (W.) Miscellany Poems, folio, 1704
Yachts, Large Prints of, especially coloured
Young (Arthur) Any of His Travels
Zastrozzi, a Romance, by P. B. S., 1810
Zoological Society of London, Proceedings and Transactions of
Coloured Military Prints, Military Costume; also Coloured Angling, Sporting, American, Australasian, and English Views. Fancy Prints of the Morland, Wheatley, Bartolozzi, and similar School.

I am a large buyer of all of the above, and shall be glad to see any parcel on approval.
Immediate Decision, Communication, and Settlement.

Readers of this List are assured that there are THOUSANDS of books not therein named which I am (not only willing, but anxious to purchase. If anyone thinks he has anything out of the way - let him send it to me, or report it, and depend upon my treating him honourably.

LIBRARIES PURCHASED. - Gentlemen, Executors, and others will find it to their advantage to communicate with me before disposing in any other way of a Library or small collection of Books. Competent buyers sent any distance.
First editions of modern authors a speciality. 

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