The Secret of Time Travel

Found - a booklet from 1984 by David Savage The Secret of Time Travel (Finbarr Book, Folkestone.)

The lines near the start of the book:  'If we have lived on the Earth before, the body cells must ALSO be equipped with, or have access to, all the data about our other lives on Earth' may require a couple of largish leaps of faith, but time travel sitting comfortably at home and without the aid of a complicated Wellsian metal time machine is an attractive proposition, so it may be worth persevering.

The book is only 15 pages in length and the author gets down to the real secret at page 8. Other Finbarr books included: Making Money with Magick, How to Contact God, Winning with Witchcraft, Mindflow and The Secret of Immortality. The booklet came from the vast library of Dr. M. H. Coleman, a writer on the occult and psychic matters. He collected over 4000 books on these subjects but was a confirmed sceptic and  set out to prove that there are definitely not more things in heaven and earth than in Horatio's philosophy...

"Your Body Cell"

The secret lies within your body cells. These are the structural units of all living organisms. The body is made up of a countless number of these microscopic cells. Scientists now accept that for the body cells to function, every single cell knows everything about you from eye colour to what you like the taste of. It is accepted SCIENTIFIC FACT that every single body cell of yours is equipped with all the data about you. This made me think. If we have lived on the Earth before, the body cells must ALSO be equipped with, or have access to, all the data about our other lives on Earth.

From the 1970s TV series The Time Tunnel

The mental processes outside the personal awareness of an individual are controlled by the subconscious mind - the mind which regulates our heartbeat, bloodflow, and body cells etc., on the subconscious level of course.

We all have three minds; the SUBCONSCIOUS, the CONSCIOUS which we think with, and the SUPERCONSCIOUS, our link with god, the infinite, which lives for ever, and keeps returning to Earth on new incarnations. The SUBCONSCIOUS mind, the lower of the three minds, can obviously then be seen to be connected with the body cells; the part of the body that work below the conscious level. The lower mind is laos connected with the ASTRAL BODY, the ethereal replica of us that, while we sleep, has access to the astral planes, the Akashic records, where all history is recorded.

So we can see a connection between the SUBCONSCIOUS mind, the body cells, the astral body, and the Cosmic Picture Gallery, the Akashic records of the Cosmos. Now - a bit more about the Akashic records.

The Akashic records contain a scenic reproduction of every thought, feeling and action since the beginning of the world. They are a reflection of the REAL records which exist on a much higher plane but are practically perfect. Light travels at 186,000 miles a second, yet the distances through space are so vast, it takes hundreds of thousands of years for light to reach us from distant stars.

If you go out in the garden and look up on a starry night you are seeing into the past. Because of the amount of time it takes the light from those stars to reach us you are seeing those stars as they were hundreds of thousands of years ago. If somebody could watch us, from one of those stars, he would see the Earth in its ancient past. From sufficiently great distances the creation of the whole world would be seen as a present reality. Scientifically speaking then, everything is recorded in the ether. In the ASTRAL PLANE, the realm of spirit, one can see any event from any point in time. Clairvoyants catch glimpses of these astral pictures, these Akashic records. When you see into the past yourself you will be seeing with the Astral Light. Because our link with the astral is our body cells (which are linked to the SUBCONSCIOUS, which is linked to the ASTRAL body) we will only be able to see events concerning ourselves, or people connected to us.

Within our cells, also lies the pattern of the further; what's GOING to happen - fate, if you like. We can also tune into this with practice.

Chapter Three - "THE SECRET".

Here, then, is the secret. Exactly what to do.

In complete privacy and quiet, lie down on your bed. Close your eyes. Keep a quiet tranquil mid. Then - feel the toes of your right foot glowing with cosmic power - visualise this BRIGHT WHITE light, powered with electric-like power GLOWING and bathing all the body cells and refreshing them - supplying them with the power they need to help you. This is the cosmic energy, the prana, or the mana occultists speak of, the inflowing cosmic energy which revitalises the human body, the energising power with which you can vitalise your psychic powers and do magick with.

Leaving your right toes glowing, do the same with the left toes - bathe your body cells in this glowing white light - feel it, visualise it - and move up your body refreshing all the body cells in this way: the right foot: the left foot: the right ankle: the left ankle: the right leg: the left leg: the right knee: the left knee: the right thigh: the left thigh: the sexual organs; the stomach; the chest; the right fingers; the left fingers; and so on, finally reaching the neck; the back of the head; the brain; and the face.

You should feel very refreshed after this. Then go through the process again, this time mentally speaking to every group of body cells:

"My beautiful body cells; I love you all. Work together to bring a clear picture to my psychic screen."

Your psychic screen is of course that screen of blurred images and colours you see when you close your eyes - the screen you use to communicate with your body cells.

When you have finished, keep tranquil, then speak aloud;

"My wonderful body cells; I love you all. Please project onto my psychic screen a clear picture of a significant event of one of my past lives. As colours and shapes are of no practical use to me, please convert them into what I would be seeing when you saw those images. Please project a clear photograph-like picture onto my psychic screen NOW!"

Then, eyes still closed… WAIT.
First few times you may just get odd colours and blurs but this is one of those occult practices that needs to be exercised. Set aside every night of the week.

In my case it worked first time. I saw myself in my previous life in full colour and voices explained what I was.

When you get a good clear picture ask questions.

"What am I? What year is it? etc., and you should get a reply!"

Keep practising!

After you've succeeded a few times with the past  - try the future. Do the exercise as before but this time ask for a significant event in your immediate future. Don't ever be annoyed if you just get blurs the first few times as this is the language of your cells. They will soon learn your language.

Now you will be able to dream while you are awake, as it were, and be able to stop the messages by simply opening your eye.


If you're worried about a loved one, whether they're safe or not, take a photo of them, or a page of their writing, hold it between your hands and do the exercise asking to see a clear picture of what they're doing now. The paper of photo is your telepathic link with them.

You can also see into THEIR past lives this way.

The cosmic white glowing energy will give your body cells the power to correspond with you - so do so REGULARLY! Become close friends with them - and soon, after constant continual practice, they will warn you of things and help you of their own free will. You will be able to shut your eyes and get pictures to help you decide important decisions, etc. Your body cells could be the best friends you ever make!

You can also see with the astral light any objects you may have lost. Just ask where you lost the said object - your body cells know the answer!


Now you can see with your psychic third eye past events from the Akashic Records, future events - all stored within your body cells. You can check on friends, relatives etc. You can find lost objects. You have mastered space and time! You are very much developed occultwise, and have more power psychically than people around you - but don't tell them about this.

Your body cells really respond to DESIRE and EMOTION. So success will come only if you really WANT with all your heart to see these things. Your body cells will respond to DESIRE so don't waste their time with things you aren't too bothered about.

For further occult development I would suggest reading more practical occult books like this one.

I would recommend my own "THE SECRET OF ASTRAL PROJECTION", which includes a way of achieving projection first time you try which is impossible to fail - which should erase any doubt in you mind.

Also "Pranic Energy - Mystic Power of the Ancients" by Julia Sanderson, which involves use of that glowing white energy we have used to refresh and revitalise our body cells. Both these books are available from Finbarr.

So there you have it - the "Secret of Time Travel" - short, concise, and to the point - no nonsense. So try the exercises and expect results! Because with practice - you'll get them!

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