A call to the ‘Revolution of the Spirit’ by The Grand Duke of Russia

Found in Hartman's  International Directory of Psychic Science and Spiritualism  for 1931 this proclamation from Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia - then a refugee from the Russian revolution and staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York. He appears to have been giving lectures on spirituality and spiritualism in America.

The book itself comes from a time when 'psychic science' was at its height and many famous names were involved. Among others the directory lists Oliver Lodge, C.K. Ogden, Count Louis Hamon ("Cheiro), Swami Yogananda, G.R.S Mead, Hannan Swaffer, Anna Wickham, Henri Bergson, Lady Jean Conan Doyle (with an address in Queen's Gardens W2 - her husband Arthur, very much a believer had died in 1930) Eric Dingwall, Earl Balfour etc.,




His Imperial Highness, Alexander, The Grand Duke of Russia

   I have decided to write a few explanatory words to those of my friends who have heard and have shown more than a general interest in my ideas.

   In my lectures I was bound by the request of my Manager to speak primarily about the experiences and incidents of my life and have only been able to insert in the history of it, my basic outlooks on human life. But in truth the only thing which interests me and the sole reason for my coming to America is to explain my deep convictions, which are the results of the lesson which my long eventful life has taught me.

   I had in life everything which, according to the current idea, represents the greatest happiness. I had power, limitless means,
not knowing the value of money. I had a position which placed me above any laws, the fate of men depended on my word or gesture; but the great Revolution broke out and on a certain morning, I awakened to the realization that I had nothing. I had lost all and had been deprived of all the so-called blessings of life.

   Every material thinking man would have felt himself deeply miserable but I, for the first time in my life, felt full freedom from all the useless burdens which attached me to earth and bent me to it. More and more was I absorbed by the feeling of true, cloudless happiness.

   How did it happen? The reason of it was that, having lost everything, I had not lost my soul which, being freed from captivity, began to talk in me and to me. It raised me above the trivialities of life and assigned me to ways of that real happiness which is the result of following the fundamental law of the world–the law of love in our spiritual and material life.

   When we follow the law of love, of which Christ was the Revealer, we give our soul the possibility of getting into contact with the superior powers, and with the Supreme Power which we call God. That is the way on which the revaluation of all the seeming values takes place, on which the true values come into play and on which we are led to true freedom and true happiness.

   The response Which my lectures met in America, the attention to the ideas which I am promulgating call for something definite, but above all the inner voice which first spoke to me forced me to pass from words to action.

   It is essential that we form an organization which will unite women and men of persons who place the interests of spiritual development and the domination of who think along the same lines as I do. One must create a new and unique center the spirit in the current daffy life as the principal point of their existence. This organization must have as its first aim the spiritualization of the educational system and then adapt it to the development of a spiritual character.

   This organization must develop on broad lines, actively fighting against the existing solely materialistic outlook on life. With the help of articles, pamphlets, books and lectures we must unveil the fundamental false basis of our present life, which is the cause of all the calamities of modern humanity–the cult of materialistic principles.

   Special types of teachers must be prepared for the schools and special manuals written in which the ethic principles must be bound together with the spiritualization of life and with the fundamental law of the spiritual life–the law of love.

   The organization and the centre will gradually come to the realisation of the need of the spiritualisation of the penal code and of legislation. People will come to understand that the penalty of death is inconsistent with the interests of the spiritual development of humanity.

   The inter-murder en masse, which is called War, must be disavowed and prevented in the future by the inculcation of peace ideas in the education of the child. This can be done only from the standpoint of recognizing the rights of the soul and the spiritualization of our life on the basis of the law of love. The organizing centre must be built according to a special plan and by the creation of a number of committees and allied sections.

   I am working on the formulation of this plan and would like to know if you will be ready to cooperate and work with me. The material side of the plan will be developed later, when a group of active promoters has formed itself.

Address all communications to


Permanent address, Ritz Carlton Hotel,
Madison Avenue and 46th Street, New York, N. Y.

NOTE:–All those in whose heart the words of the Grand Duke strike a responsive chord, and who desire to Join in his effort to form a "Fellowship of Humanity,” as a "Legion of Christ," and "Spiritual Democracy," to practice "The Religion of Love," are urged to communicate their sentiments to His Imperial Highness at the above address. (Editor.)
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