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Found - in Benjamin Lust's Return to nature! The true natural method of healing and living and the true salvation of the soul (Naturopath, N.Y. 1904) this advertisement for healthy food and healthy clothes. It was reprinted in Children of the Sun (Nivaria Press, Ojai, 1998) with a cover from a Fidus illustration. Benedict Lust and his  fellow Naturopaths were advocates of healthy food (especially raw food) and healthy , porous 'reform' clothes, precursors to 'Aertex.'  The book advertised their health underwear as being 'made of the best Maco with Chinagrass ribs …the cheapest and most practical for adherents of the Just, Kneipp and other Natural Healing Methods. The Rippenkrepp Health-Underwear holds a great deal of air, offers the best protection for colds, does not lose its porosity, does not shrink in the wash, only the linen-threads come in contact with the skin, at the same time being much more durable than the real linen.' The full page advert reads:

for Jungborn Articles and Supplies. 

To meet the manifold wants and numerous desires of the public, I opened a "NATUROPATHIC HEALTH STORE" for "Jungborn Articles and Supplies.  I shall endeavor to attend promptly to the wishes of my customers, and ask for confidence and support at such enterprise. My principle is to sell only HIGH GRADE ARTICLES of finest quality and at reasonable terms. These articles are especially recommended for the new, true and natural method of living by ADOLF JUST, Ilsenburg at the Hartz Mts., Germany.

"JUST'S POROUS UNDERWEAR AND GARMENTS:" Shirts for gentlemen, ladies and children; also porous material, bleached and unbleached, for Jungborn shirts. 

POROUS MATERIAL FOR OUTER GARMENTS (suits, capes, light coats, etc.); ready made capes for men and boys. I do highly recommend very durable, porous material for suits in all colors.

"HEALTH FOOT WEAR: Sandals, sandal shoes, air shoes, very fine but not striking so they are suitable to be worn in cities and on any occasion; porous Socks in fancy colors. 

"JUNGBORN REFORM BEDDING:" Fine porous woollen quilts,  mattresses and pillows, porous white sheets and slips, etc. 

ARTICLES OF FOOD: Nuts and Fruit (Filberts, walnuts, pine nuts,brazil nuts, pecans; dates, figs, oranges and bananas), Nut butter and Jungborn Wheat Bread, Fruit and Nut Bread (Fruitloaves). Malt-Coffee, Preserves, Fruit Juices, Dried Vegetables, and Fruit of the highest grade. 


We endeavor to promptly fill all orders. Our extended sale enables us to furnish the best quality of goods at Standard Prices. To all friends and believers in Vegetarianism and Natural Healing Methods, I do highly recommend my Naturopathic Health Store and Supplies. We keep also in stock all other articles which are needed by friends of Natural Living and Healing. Bath Tubs for the Natural Bath; Mills for Grinding Nuts and Whole Wheat, Bake Ovens, Churns, Nut-Crackers, Fruit-Knives, Lemon-Squeezers, Clay, Literature. All Bandages for Clay Packsetc., etc. Naturopathic Books and Pamphlets of every description, etc., etc. 

A COMPLETE CATALOGUE will be sent on request free of charge. We kindly ask you to favor us with an order. 

In Europe write to: GUSTAVE JUST, ILSENBURG A HARZ, Germany.

In America to: 
124 EAST 59th STREET, - - NEW YORK 
or, AMERICAN JUNGBORN, Belleirue, Butler, N. J.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Clothes, Healthy Food

  1. admin Post author

    Well spotted Edwin, an uncomfortable juxtaposition but I guess this 'reform' this clothing was very airy rather than non- existent…

    1. Edwin Moore

      Extraordinary how far back into the Edwardian even Victorian mists what we think of as New Age goes. Somewhere I have a translation of a Danish keep fit manual from the early 20th century and the advice is eat fruit and veg, very little meat (if you must) have what we now call a holistic lifestyle.


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