Spice Girls spice labels

Sent in by a loyal jotwatcher this useful and amusing piece about the Spice Girls and Viz the cult British comic magazine. It probably dates from about 1996. Go easy on the nutmeg!

Spice Girls spice labels

Does anyone remember that issue of Viz that appeared at a time when the Spice Girls were at the height of their fame. This particular number featured cut-out ’n’-keep labels which could be stuck onto spice jars. Aping the designs of the famous Schwartz spice bottles, there was one label for four of the Spice Girls—‘Scary Spice’ was left out for some reason.  Was I the only person who actually cut out the labels and used them? I somehow doubt it. Anyway, I’ve still got them, although they are getting a bit grubby. Each label contains a description of each of the spices, together with a recipe contributed by one of the girls.

Victoria presents Basil.
There is no finer sight in a herb garden than a basil flower. Generally used to add colour a dish, Basil is completely tasteless, but compensates for this by being extremely flavourful. It can be bought in most supermarkets or stolen from posh people’s gardens.

Victoria’s recipe. Welsh rabbit.     Place your rabbit (or hare if in season) on the toast and cover  generously with cheese. Then toast until Welsh throughout. Add Basil to taste and serve


Emma presents Sage
Sage is the wisest of all spices and is found growing in caves in hillsides. It is used extensively in Chinese and Tibetan cooking where it is thought to cure arthritis and dyslexia. Throughout the 1970s Norris McWhirter lived entirely on a diet of sage, which made him shit phlegm.

Emma’s recipe
Roast chicken.     Take the vegetables and sage and stuff them into the chicken, Chicken  making sure its head and feet have been chopped off first. Roast vegetables until golden and serve with Oxo gravy.


Geri presents Time
Time waits for no man, so it’s best used fresh. This most delicate of all spices goes off within an hour of being picked and it cannot be frozen as this makes the leaves fall off. Buy only what you need. Sprinkle it liberally onto things like eggs and bacon to give them that timeless flavour of Time.

Geri’s recipe
Tuna sandwich     Spread the stork and tuna on the bread to make a delicious sandwich. Then put the Time on it. Voila! Serve immediately on a plate with a cup of tea.

Stork SB
Tuna spread
1 twig of Time

Mel C presents Ground Nutmeg
Nutmeg is the ultimate party spice, the ideal complement for ice cream, trifles and mandarin orange segments in jelly. Make sure you grind the nutmegs properly to avoid the risk of choking. Nutmeg is the most expensive of all spices costing up to £8.00 depending on the season.

Mel C’s recipe.
Pineapple Upside-down Cake     Take the pineapple cake out of the box and put it upside down on a plate. Sprinkle 1½ lb of nutmeg on it. Cut into slices and serve.

1 pineapple cake                         

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