George Bernard Shaw saws wood

IMG_20160306_0001Found – a sepia photo of George Bernard Shaw sawing wood. The photo measures 8 inches by 6 and on the back is written “GBS 88th birthday”. It was probably a press  photo taken in the grounds of his garden at Ayot St Lawrence.  It was 1944 and nine of his  plays were staged in London during that year – he was undergoing a revival in his popularity but was concentrating mainly on journalism…He died six years later at the age of ninety-four of complications precipitated by injuries incurred by falling while pruning a tree. The hat  looks Russian, possibly leather, and is rather splendid.

One thought on “George Bernard Shaw saws wood

  1. Coby

    I don’t know anything of GBS, and have read only one very short play of his. But I’ve seen plenty of photos of him. Was he a camera hog?


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