Camp I.Q. Check List

IMG_1445.JPGFound in The Camp Followers’ Guide! (Niles Chignon. New York: Avon Books, 1965) this groovy quiz to ascertain how camp you are – aimed at men and women. Some tastes have changed, some clubs have vanished…a ‘Yes’ to over half means you are fairly serious about being camp.

Camp I.Q. Check List

Are you fanatical about egg creams?

Do you collect Wold War II ration books, old buttons, music boxes, stereoscopes and Ball jars?

Do you use banana soap?

Do you prefer Mexican paper flowers to real ones?

Do you have a Thirties Modern Vanity designed by Carl Hammerstrom in redwood burl with rounded corners and a big oval mirror?

Do you have a Bevelacqua chair with chrome flat bar steel arms?

Have you see Gunga Din five times? Goldiggers of 1933, ten? The Devil is a Woman, fifteen? The Creation of the Humanoids, twenty?

Do you have toys in your bathtub?

Do you play with a jump rope, a Whee-lo toy, or a giant Japanese Yo-yo?

Are you saving up for a Courreges and a Mr. John space helmut?

Do you use a marble egg for a paperweight? or one cast from somebody’s handprint? Sealing wax on your letter?

Do you have an 18th century Venetian ormolu throne mounted in your bathroom? Greenback patterned toilet paper?

Do you carry dime-store snapshots of James Craig, Joan Crawford and Turhan Bey in your wallet? Or at least have them mounted in clear plastic frames on your bureau? 

When a friend invites you to come to a party in drag, do you bridle, even though you are a girl?

Do you hang around Serendippity 3 or L’Ondine longing to be discovered by an underground film maker?   (All discotheques mentioned in the CFG are subject to change w/o notice in future edition, due to the rapid turnover). 

Do you think Ringo is the best Beatle and Paul, the most beautiful?

Can you quote from ‘The Magic Christian’ from memory?

Is your skirt at least four inches above your knee?

Do you brush your hair with absorption, choose your shampoo with the gravity of a connoisseur and scent yourself with enormous care? (men only)

Do you use mauve, red, orange or cocoa lipstick and apply a coat of clear yellow or white opal for highlight only to the lower lip, and use green nail polish? (girls only)

Can you give a smashing imitation of ‘The Shadow’?

Are you at The Memory Shop every time a new shipment of old movie stills comes in?

Do you have your copy of ‘Fuck you, A Magazine of the Arts’ delivered to you at the office?

Do you do round, all white jig-saw puzzles? Italian crosswords? Own a Yiddish scrabble set? Play pickup stick?

Do you own a complete set of Dinky Toys and play War with them from time to time?

Is your living took furnished with rattan furniture?

Were you an extra in the crowd scene in ‘Flaming Creatures’?

Do you have framed Illustrations from the Oz books on your wall?

Are your favourite female singers Barbra Streisand, Ruth Etting, the Supremes, Cilla Black and Dionne Warwick?

Do you know the names of the stars of every serial Franju and Fritz Lang made?

Do you wear a “Mother” sweatshirt?

Would you trade five Lou Gehrig bubble gum pictures for one Mel Ott?

Do you use a beaded shower curtain?

Do you spend rainy evening playing jacks, marbles, go fish, Old Maid, Chinese checker, slap jack, pisha pasha and cat’s cradle?

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