Food and Dress on a U.F.O.

img_2634Found – a pamphlet by George King  a writer on UFOs and spiritual matters. It is called The Flying Saucers.  A report on the flying saucers their crews and their mission to earth (Aetherius Society London 1964). It deals partly  with practicalities like their monetary system (they don’t have one: ‘Every living thing has what it needs’) and their mode of dress (basically a perpetual ‘onesie’) and diet.

DRESS. The reason for the “seamless one-piece suit” which all observers of these people have remarked about, is now clear. When the Martian or Venusian comes to Earth, it is not the actual physical properties of our atmosphere of which they have to be careful. They are all adept in correct breathing methods. They could not be as advanced as they are unless this were the case. All enlightened men, either on Earth or from the other Planets, have several things in common. One of the most pronounced is the knowledge and ability to exert conscious control over the flow of the Universal Life Force through their nervous systems and subtle bodies by correct breathing. (See (See “Your Higher Self through Yoga”) It is the bacteria in our atmospheric belt against which the Space Visitors have to take precautions. The “seamless one-piece suits” protect them from the harmful effect of this bacteria. These suits are so designed as to give off a particular musical note, which drives away all bacteria from a certain area around themselves. The note or sound vibration, is quite inaudible to the human ear, possibly because of its high frequency. The benefit gained by the adoption of such a protective measure is easily understood. A Space Visitor could stand on Earth and hold a conversation with an inhabitant and be fully protected -9- from, what could be to him, foreign bacteria, without interfering  with the bacteria which is necessary to the other. It has been said by the Master Aetherius that it is possible to bring into being a similar kind of “seamless one-piece suit” which would protect the wearer while surveying the bottom of the ocean. The properties deemed necessary to afford such protective measures can be incorporated into the suit at the time of manufacture. Some of these suits are materialized by thought by their wearers. In other words, this type of dress undoubtedly forms a kind of personal protective screen around the wearer. (See Cosmic Voice)

FOOD. All the Masters from Mars and Venus and all the Beings from Saturn do not need to eat at all. They can live on the radiations which come directly from the Solar Logos to the Logos of their respective worlds. You may like to know that Aetherius has not eaten for over three thousand years. The Major intake of energy of these people is by breath. The ‘younger ones’ are taught correct breathing methods before anything else, because these are considered to be more important than anything else! Like our Yogis, the Venusians and Martians have recognized the presence of a life-sustaining energy contained in their atmospheric belt, although it is not the chemical constituents of the gases themselves but the power which causes these to be manifested. Their diet, therefore, is simple and as such, is in keeping with natural Law, for they realize that to pander to the yearnings of the senses is to be ruled by them. Spiritual advancement is not gained by being mastered but by being the Master of the basic self. Note: See “Your Higher Self through Yoga” for more detailed information regarding “Prana” or the Universal Life Force…

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