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Birmingham Bargains Book Cat

A glimpse into the world of bookselling in Edwardian England. The following’ special bargains’—advertised for sale in ‘ new condition’– are listed in The Bookman of August 1908 by Edward Baker’s Great Bookshop, Birmingham. The discounted prices of 1908 are compared to what the same books ( inevitably in slightly worse condition) are listed at in Abebooks today.  



Beccari’s Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo (1901)    8s 6d (42p)       £600

Book of the Cat by Frances Simpson (1903)                             9s 0d (45p)     £325

Dominion of the Air by Rev J.M.Bacon (1904)                         2s. (10p)           £87

Moss Flora by R.Braithwaite (1887)                                       £2 10s (250p)     £120

Historical Locomotives by Bennett                                         1s   (5p)               £75

How I shot my bears by Mrs Tyacke (1893)                           2s 6d.(12p)        £650        

Java facts and fancies by A. de Witt (1903)                         5s   6d.(27p)          £103

Ladies Golf by May Hezlet (1904)                                       3s   6d (17p)        £500

Liberia by Sir H Johnston                                                 15s (75p)                    £600

Our Poultry by Harrison Weir (1902)                                 15s. (75p)                 £537

Ready’s Life and Sport in China (1903)                                5s. 6d (27p)         £150

Scepsis Scientifica by Glanvill (repr 1885)                             3s (15p)              £113

Scottish Pewterware and Pewterers by Wood (1904)               9s   6d.(47p)     £165

Siberia: a record of travel, etc by Samuel Turner (1905)       6s. (30p)              £195

Telephone Systems of the Continent of Europe (1895)                   2s 6d.(12p)    £71

Tube, Train, Tram and Car by A.Beavan                              2s. 6d.(12p)                £85

Two Years among New Guinea Cannibals by A.E.Pratt       6s (30p)                    £90

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  1. Heather Hall

    “Book of the Cat by Frances Simpson (1903) 9s 0d (45p) £325”
    I am looking to find out more on this rare book. I have one.


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