The friends of John Michell

IMG_5521Found in a book called Michellany: a John Michell Reader (2010) a list of subscribers. John Michell, whose most famous book was The View Over Atlantis (1969) was an esotericist and a major figure in the development of the counterculture /Earth mysteries movement.
A senior figure from the Hippie era and scion of a wealthy family (Eton, Cambridge, Glastonbury) he had died in 2009 aged 76 and the book was a memorial anthology. Our copy had the small attractive bookplate, showing a bookish owl, of ‘Oz’ publisher, later media tycoon, Felix Dennis (1947 -2014) The lengthy subscriber’s list is worth recording- it brings together the great and the good of bohemian/ eccentric British, mostly upper class, society…

Ahmed Ainsworth, The Lady Ashcombe, Patti Baker, A. D. Bakewell, Michael Balfour, Richard Barnes, David Batterham, Opi Bell, Gerard Belleardt, David Benedictus, Phyllis Benjamin, Mary Berg ,Elizabeth Best, James Birch, Charlotte Black, Sir Peter Blake, Ralph Blum, Jill Bond, Laura and Harry Boothby, Joe Boyd, N. Van Den Branden, Mr and Mrs Michael Briggs, Theadora Brinkman, Paul Broadhurst, Alex Brown, Sir Anthony and Lady Shelagh Montague Brown, Peter Browne, Sally Burgess, Dr Aubrey Burl, Simon Buxton, David Cadman, Joseph Caezza,  Tarquin and Sophie Campbell, Chung Yee Chong, Mrs O.D.H. Claus, Lord and Lady Patrick Conyngham, Prof Pierre and Helene Coustillas, Keith Critchlow, Paul Cullivan, Major General and Mrs Andrew Cumming Bronwen Cunningham, Karen D’Arc, Michael R. Davies, Robert Dudley, Belinda Eade, Mrs V. A. Ehlers, Jacquetta Eliot, Prof Richard England, Ness Eyre, David Fideler,
Derek and Jane Fitzgerald,Deborah Forman Ivry, Lady Freyberg, Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, David and Jane Gault, Juno Gemes, Lady Victoria Getty, Jenny de Gex, Christopher Gibbs, Michael Glickman, Joscelyn Godwin, Eve Grace, Sarah Greene, Ruth Guilding, Desmond and Penny Guinness, Sabrina Guinness, The Earl of  Haddington, Dr. H. T. Hakl, Chilli Hawes, Jonathan and Mary Heale,  Judith Healey, Robin Heath, Margaret Hickey, Rosemary Hill and Christopher Logue, Lousie Hodgson, Jools and Christabel Holland,  Alvin Holm, Evelyn Honig, Frances and Jamie George, Rob Irving, Michael Irwintazzar, Dimitri Jagger, Deborah James, David Jenkins, Diana Kearns, Andrew Kerr, Mary Killen, Andrzej Krauze and Malgosia Piro, Jurgen Kronig, Anne Lambton, Barney Lavrack-Cordell, John Leader, Nina Lerner, Seaver and Anne Leslie, William Levy, Hugh Lillinston, Julian and Victoria Lloyd. Clare Lyon, Giles Lyon, Dr Jane Mackay, Ed Maggs, Sir Simon Marsden, Michael and Caroline Marten, Stuart Martin, Roll Maughfling, Gaz Mayall, Gordon McCellan, Charles Michell, Mary Miers, Simon Miller Mundy, Julia Shaw and Ian Mitchell, Joan Moores and Anthony Hampton, James Moores, Jim Morgan, Lord Moyne, Michael Moynihan, John Neal, Thomas Neurath, Andy Norfolk, Tom O’Reilly, Jane Ormsby Gore, Stephen Overy, Sir Mark and Catherine Palmer, Michael and Emily Perry, Werner Pieper, Mike Plumley, Beatrice Plunkett, Mrs Lois Priestley, Miss Rosemary Puxley, Gavin and Jasmin Rainey, Christine Rhone, Bob Rickard, Jonathan Rickard, Kim Rickard, Andy Roberts, Barnaby Rogerson, Darren Ross, Michael Russell, Lady Henrietta Rous, Mary Michele Ruthford, Mark Rylance Waters, The Earl and Countess St Germans, Craig Sams, Joanna and Alasdair Saunders, Gerlinde Schulte, Paul Screeton, Sarah and Luigi Sesti, Alexander Shihwarg, Paul Sieveking, Ehud C. Sperling, Gordon and Elspeth Strachan, Doreen W. Sutton, Christopher Sykes, Spencer A. Tandy, Rose Taylor, Olivia and Robert Temple, Prof Charles Thomas, Camillus Travers, Frances Travers, Penelope Tree, Simon Trethewey, Diana Trimble, George Tsatsos, Georganne Countess of Uxbridge, Julian West, Martin Wilkinson, Steve Wilmoth, George Wingfield, Keith Woolnough, Vivian Zarvis.

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