Some lesser known geographical facts ( useful for quizzes)


More from From The Howlers Omnibus(1928)

Jot 101 howlers lyons-mapThe cold at the North Pole is so great that the towns there are not inhabited


Oxo is the capital of Norway


Lipton is the capital of Ceylon


The population of London is a bit too thick


China is called China because the first china was made there


Persian cats is the chief industry of Persia, hence the word “ purr”.


Africa is called the Dark Continent because the negroes in it are black


In Holland the people make use of water to drive their windmills.


The people in Iceland are called Equinoxes


Volcanoes  throw out saliva


The valley of the Rhone grows tea, which is packed at Lyons.


A mountain range is a cooking stove used at high altitudes.


The Menai straits are crossed by a tubercular bridge


A glacier is something in Australia that explodes.


Sienna is famous for being burnt


The horizon is a line where the earth and sky meet, but disappear when you get there.


The Bay of Biscay is noted for biscuits


The sun sets in the west and hurries round to the east to be in time to rise next morning


The climate of Bombay is such that its inhabitants have to live elsewhere.


The Laplander lives by hunting and fishing. If he catches a whale he takes it to his tent and his wife will cook it for his supper.


The winds are dejected because of the rotation of the earth’s crust.


The three highest mountains in Scotland are Ben Nevis, Ben Lomond, and Ben Jonson.


Cromer is a seaside town in Surrey


Every German goes to school at an early age, however old he is.


Australia sends to England wine made from a bird called the Emu.


The river Rhine flows horizontally until it reaches Basle, and then it flows vertically.


Stirling is noted for its fine silver


The Manchester Ship Canal is very important because before it was made all ships were unloaded at Liverpool and sent by train to Manchester.


Penzance is noted for pirates


A blizzard is the inside of a fowl


The inhabitants of Paris are called Parasites.


A fissure is a man who sells fish


Coal is decayed vegetarians


Cecil Rhodes is a great inventor. It was him who invented gold in Africa.


The North Seas is salt because of the Yarmouth bloaters.


The inhabitants of Moscow are called mosquitoes.


The gods of the Indians are chiefly Mahommed and Buddha and in their spare time they do a lot of carving.


A cyclone is a man riding a bicycle


Much butter is imported from Denmark because cows have greater enterprise and superior technical knowledge than ours.


Reefs are what you put on coffins


A watershed is where water is kept.


The Mediterranean and the Red Sea are connected by the sewage canal


Polyps swim about the sea when they are young and when they get old they fasten themselves on their relations and live like that for the rest of their lives.


From The Howlers Omnibus(1928)





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