Roedean Slang

We are always interested in slang at Jot especially specialised slang, like school slang. Lists can often be found in the appendixes of school histories. Winchester College has probably produced the most slang (there are books). Roedean does quite well but some of the slang is (or was) fairly widespread in British schools, and beyond — e.g. ‘bog’ and ‘MYOB’.

These were found in Memories of Roedean – The First 100 Years by Judy Moore (1998) -copies freely available for less than £10 at Abe, Amazon etc., Many thanks indeed…

Appendix A – School Slang and Sayings.

Aunt – lavatory
Backs and feet  – medical examination 
BB  – bust bodice (later used to mean bra)
Bilge – biology 
Bish  – faux pas 
Bobbing – saying goodnight and shaking hands with the prefect or member of staff on duty 
Bog – lavatory (from the 70s)
Boiled babie’s arm – roly-poly 
Boot hole – cloakroom 
BUFF – best friends forever 
Bugs and fleas – medical examination 
Bunny run – covered passage connecting different parts of the school
Cardboards – Lisle stockings 
Carthaginian brick – a peculiarly hard pudding chitchat – informal meeting of prefects or sub prefects with housemistress to discuss days events 
Chucked – banished from a ‘set’
Cockroaches – area underfloor by Bunny run
Continental shelf – where girls sunbathe or watched matches 
Crows nest – front room of Heaven
Cubic – cubicle 
Dead babies arm – roly-poly 
Ears and eyes – medical examination 
Festooned hair – hair falling over the face 
Fic – fiction library 
Forties – lessons (40 minutes)
frogspawn – tapioca pudding 
Ganges river muck – caramel pudding 
Garbage pudding – pudding made from leftovers 
GDR – girls drawing room 
Going up the house – blushing 

Guillotine list – names of girls house mistress wished to see after lunch 
Hearse –  The Sans cart
Hearts and lungs – medical examination 
Heaven – the top floor 
Home – a girl’s house, the rest was school Hotties – hot water bottles 
Jaw – reprimand from a housemistress or prefect 
JP – junior prep room
KCYS – kindly consider yourself squashed Keen on – having a crush on a senior girl (KO in the 70s) 
Keenite – a younger girl with a crush on a senior 
KV – watch out 
Lax – lacrosse (‘crosse in very early years)
MF – midnight feast 
MWF – Bath
Muck – chocolate blancmange
MYOB – mind your own business 
Old flats – superior lax pitch 
Pi-jaw- A talking to buy a prefect 
Pill – lacrosse ball 
PL – piano lesson 
Pre – prefect 
Prison – Roedean
Pump handles – shaking hands with every member of staff on the first and last day of term 
Ref – reference library 
Sack – holdall to carry books from lesson to lesson 
Sassie-B  – suspender belt 
Scrum tables  – free assembly at teatime 
Scum – new arrivals, or those who had not made their mark 
Sent to the Fic – dealt with for talking in Chapel (no connection with Fic – fiction library)
Set – group of friends in the same house 
Sitting up to – sitting next to a member of staff at lunch and making amiable conversation 
Special – alternative to set meal for religious reasons and for vegetarians 
Spiders – copse of tamarisk trees 
SPR – senior prep room
Stave (the Staves) –  member(s) of staff 
Stodge – teatime sponge cake 
Study P – passage connecting each house to school corridor 
Sucking- up to – currying flavour with staff Tate & Lyle – number one house matron and her assistant (in the 50s) so called because of their thick lisle stockings
Ticks – marks on a list; three in a week meant early bed on Saturday 
Tights – navy knickers 
Tigs – I want 
Tinks – bell for getting up, chapel, lessons, meals 
Thames mud – chocolate blancmange
The special – school train 
TTS – bath 
You are smiling – your underwear is showing 
Veins – I don’t want 
Wackie-B – wastepaper basket 
Wash hole – washroom 
Weights and measures – medical examination 
Worms on toast – tinned spaghetti

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