Answering Machine Hacking and other papers (late 1980s)

An odd and weirdly topical collection. [Beadle collection- paranoia, revenge and general weirdness] called Alternative Inphormation Unlimited (USA). 45 loose printouts hole-punched and contained in a store-bought plastic ring binder. Publications from the late 80s and early 90s by an organisation called Alternative Inphormation Unlimited and concern wire tapping and other forms of telephone exploitation and subversion.

Each paper is several pages in length and many are illustrated with technical diagrams. All publications state that they are sold 'FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY'. Alternative Inphormation Unlimited's slogan was 'Keeping You Informed of Big Brother.' Contents read thus:

  Answering Machine Hacking - How it's done and how to stop it; AT & T & BOC Routing Codes!!!; Beige Box - How to build and use a lineman's handset; Black Box - Complete schematics and instructions; Blue Box - Uses and applications; Blue Box - C64 home computer; Brown Box - Why pay Ma Bell for extra services such as a 3 way calling and touch tone service?; Bug Detection on Home Telephones; Bull Shitting the Operator; Call Forwarding Box; Call-Waiting Phone Tap; Cellular Telephones and Tapping Cellular; Clear Box; CNA List - Customer name & address no's used by Ma Bell. Those secret No's revealed; Converting a Tone Dialler into a Red Box; Dial 900 §'s For Free - How to; Free Phone Calls to Any Point in the World!; Gold Box; Illegal Access Code and How to Get Them!; Infinity Transmitter; Legendary Ether Box! - Snatch phone calls out of thin air! The ultimate wireless phone tap!;Listening In!!; Miniature FM Transmitter; Monitoring Phone Calls with a TVRO; Obtaining Unlisted Phone §'s; Pay Telephones; Phantom Phone Phucker!; Phone Phucking - The art of; Phone Phreaks Guide to Loops; Phone Utility for the C64/128 - The amazing rainbow box program!! the only program you'll ever need to make free long distance phone calls; Poorman's Voice Changer! - $30 device better than $250 units; Red Box - Complete guide to; Red Box - Build a; Remote Pay Phone Phreaking; Silver Box Phone; Snooper Extension Phone; Taping Telephone Conversations; Telephone Ear Piercer! The ultimate defence tactic for obscene fone calls!; Tons of Tones - The complete guide as used by Ma Bell!!; Two Minute Bug; Voice Controller; Voice Paging - Free; War Games Autodialler; Watergate Surveillance Package! Taps and Bugs.

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