Books from the Library of Eileen Gray

Sold on the internet about 2001 - some of the cult designer's books.

Photo (below) of Le Corbusier and his wife taken by Gray at her house E-1027. Designed by Gray and built at Roquebrune Cap Martin in 1929. Oddly Le Cobusier died of of a heart attack while swimming off the rocks beneath E-1027 in 1965.

Small archive of books from her library and books about her. 21 books in all--9 books from her library dated from 1885 to 1961 and 12 books and pamphlets about her mainly 1970s and 1980s, mainly in English. These books were inherited from the designer Eileen Gray by her niece and executor the English painter Prunella Clough.  Books from Eileen Gray’s library include 1.‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ (56th thousand) presented to her and her sister Thora from her brother Jim. 2. Whistler's  - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies  (boldly signed by her on the half title)  1904 reprint 3rd ed. 3. Her copy of Walter Pater 1901 edition of ‘Greek Studies signed by her in pencil in 1903. 4.  William James ‘Text Book of Psychology’ 1892 with bold ownership signature. 5. A small leather bound New Testament (about 1890) presented to her by her mother in 1907. 6.  A ‘Works of Browning’ handsomely bound by Sotherans presented to her by her brother Jim on her birthday in 1905. 7. Her own copy of the French wraps edition of Antonin Artaud’s ‘Van Gogh. Le Suicide de la Societé.’1947. First ed. 8. G.Constant Lounsbery. Buddhist Meditiation in the Southern School.1950 Signed presentation copy from GCL to Eileen Gray  ‘in  admiration of her pursuit of beauty.’  9. ‘The Universal Self . A Study of Paul Valery’  by Agnes Ethel Mackay (1961) with a signed presentation to Eileen Gray  from the author ‘with affectionate homage.’ There are also 12 modern books and pamphlets on Eileen Gray collected by Prunella Clough including auction catalogues, a copy of a thesis ‘Eileen Gray, Un Autre Chemin pour la Modernité...Un Idee Choreographique’ in which the author mentions her indebtedness to Prunella Clough. Also the magazine Archithese, August 91 special Eileen Gray issue and an 1994 academic offprint ‘E.1027: The Nonheroic Modernism of Eileen Gray’ which is a signed presentation copy to Ms Clough.

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