Halitosis – a firing offence (1940)

Vintage ad for Listerine on the inside of a mystery fiction magazine from 1940, the end of the era of the 'shudder-pulps.' Ads in these mags often relied on shaming the reader - acne, bad breath, weedy body (the guy who gets sand kicked in his face.) The rare pulp 'Red Star Mystery' was the first ever of that title, it lasted about a year. Don Diavolo (The Scarlet Wizard) seen on the cover  was the inspiration for Rawson's famous hero, the Great Merlini. Did the phrase 'Sorry Watkins but we're cutting down' have some currency in the 1940s? Listerine suggests all firms have their employees use it once a day 'maybe a few super- employees can get away with it, but lesser ones shouldn't even try...'

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