Carew Finch (1908 – 1985)

Carew Finch (1908-1985) was a British, possibly Irish artist, who studied at Grosvenor School of Modern Art. The NIVAL Artists Database (National Irish Visual Arts) gives his dates, his full name as Richard Henry Carew Finch and notes that he worked in oils in the Abstract and Landscape genres and that he is listed in Buckman's Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945 (1998). The final note 'Virtually no information available on this artist' says much. The above picture (gouache?) has no name but may evoke a fairground ride..

The painting was bought from Jane England (England and Co) in London in the 1980s. At the time she was dealing in Outsider Art and lesser known 20th Century artists. Auction records show one painting sold in the last 20 years - a gouache entitled Rain Steam and Speed. Price unknown. Nothing more known. The Grosvenor School was both a bricks and mortar school (33 Warwick Square, Pimlico) and a 'school of artists' (mostly associated with printmaking) its better known members were Claude Flight, Iain MacNab, Cyril Edward Power and Sybil Andrews + the Swiss artist Lill Tschudi.

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