Michael Cooper’s 1960s

Michael Cooper. BLINDS & SHUTTERS. Genesis/ Hedley, Guildford, 1990. A limited edition book of 5000 copies each copy signed by persons covered in the book (between 9 and 15 signatures per book.)

No two copies are alike. This is a random list of signers as comprehensive as it gets: a merry galaxy of 60's movers, shakers, posers, celebs and characters:

Bill Wyman (signed every copy) Colin Self, Neil Aspinall, Adam Cooper, Terry Doran, Richie Havens, Allen Jones, John Mayall, Richard Merkin, Billy Al Bengston, Gerald Malanga, Bridget Riley, Steve Winwood, Michael McClure, Sandy Lieberson, Spencer Davis, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Harry Nilsson, Jenny Boyd, Jo Bergman, John Dunbar, Richard Hamilton, Anita Pallenberg, George Harrison, Pattie Clapton, Peter Blake, Francis Bacon, Donald Cammell, Anthony Caro, Allen Ginsberg, Astrid Kirchner, Claes Oldenburg, Perry Richardson, Ringo Starr, Jurgen Vollmer, Klaus Voorman, Eric Clapton, Christopher Gibbs, Keith Richard, Nigel Waymouth, Ann Marshall, Marianne Faithfull, Larry Rivers, Brian Auger, Larry Bell, William Burroughs, Andy Warhol, Pattie Clapton, Jann Howarth, John Mayall, Bridget Riley, Terry Southern, Kenneth Anger, Don Bachardi, David Hockney, Graham Nash, Derek Taylor, Julie Driscoll, Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Nicholas Monro.

Michael Cooper 'a person of tremendous
love and vision.' (1941 - 1973)

Francis Bacon is possibly the Button Gwinnet of the pack, although it is said that the Warhol signature does most for the value of the book.The book came out after his death but signature sheets had been circulated for many moons before printing… Colin Self is the second most common signer  and Peter Blake is, as always, fairly ubiquitous. More info at our sister site Bookride.

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