Puzzling Palindrome

From 100 Interesting Puzzles and Problems by Zodiastar (London 1939) this palindromic puzzle:

A word that is spelt exactly the same forwards as backwards is known as a 'palindrome.' Two examples are refer and tenet. Below is set out an excerpt from a story - there are eight words missing in it. All are palindromes. Can you supply them?

He got out his ---- box and looked through his valuables. There were two photos of his sister, one named ---, the other ------. He gazed at them affectionately. One was married to an official in the land where ----- have ruled for centuries: the other to a man of high ----- rank. Just at that moment he heard someone calling him by name'---' they cried. He rushed out of the window and looked towards the ----- crossing. There, lying bound to the tracks was a man with a --- in his mouth.'

Answers (there are probably others) Ada, Deed, Shahs, civic, Hannah, Bob, gag, level

Another thornier problem - "A certain sum of money when written down in pounds, shillings and pence, uses exactly the same  figures in the same oder as when written in farthings...

Answer £12 12s 8d which equals 12128 farthings. Simples.

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