Radio Nervine

1920s booklet for Nervine. Half the book is about radio and the other half pushing Nervine pills (which were also advertised on the radio.) Pain pills, laxatives, liver pills and Dr. Miles' 'Alterative Compound' - a blood purifier. Dr. Miles mentions St. Vitus dance as something that his nerve pills can sort out - as well as 'the blues.'  The boy in the picture would now be plugged into his iPod.

Health--Most of us can have it

  Good health is the natural state of mankind. All sickness is due to a violation of the laws of health. Most children are born healthy. All would be if their parents had never–through ignorance, indifference or carelessness–violated some of these rigid laws. The loss to the individual and to humanity, through ill health, is so great as to be almost unbelievable...

  Don't delay. Buy the remedy suited to your trouble today. A few doses may do you more good now than a dozen bottles next week or next month.

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