Roof Climbers at Cambridge

This turned up with some papers about Cambridge University. Sadly there is a bit of loss as one side is burnt. The guide referred to is very likely to be 'The Roof-Climber's Guide to Trinity' by Geoffrey Winthrop (1900) Note: Edward Bowen, 'the famous Harrow master and athlete' wrote the hymn 'Forty Years On.'

Records of early climbs are lamentably [hard?] to seek . It is known that Lord Byron 'decorated' the statues on the Library, and was proud of the fact. But research has shown that the ascent was made by ladders,under use for repairs; and possibly also by breaking in and out of the staircase to the roof. On the first appearance of the 'Guide', Edward Bowen, the famous Harrow master and athlete wrote that he had been on the roof of Chapel and of Great Court, with friends. But the routes are unknown. This must have been in the 1850's. In the '70's, Dr Roger Wakefield, father of Wavell, Teddie and Cuthbert, reports that he, likewise, with friends, scrambled on the Great Court roofs. There were probably many such enterprises through the centuries. The definite records began in 1895: when G.W,Y (Geoffrey Winthrop Young) started the mountaineering exploration of the Roofs.
His companions were,at different times,-F.M.L.(Felix Martin Levi.Maths Scholar. Perhaps the most brilliant and lovable man of his time. Afterwards in I,C.S, and killed early in an earthquake.) - A.M.M. ( Sandy Mackay. Mor. Sci. Scholar.Internat.Lawn Tennis Blue,and now Scottish Law Lord) - J.F.D.( Professor Dobson,of Bristol,[Classic.Schol.,] Dean of the Classic Faculty) - C.K.C. ( Clague.Maths Schol. now H.M.I,the author of the happiest of quotations, on Lliwedd; and distinguished as an athlete for putting his knee out while playing chess) - More occasionally:-R.W. (Ralph Wedgwood,youngest of the admirable brotherhood.He died early in South America,) something of a genius - G.M.T.( Prof George Trevelyan.O.M.Regius Prof of History) - C.A.Wordsworth,Scho [ocho?] of Clare.- C.M.Jones;Saths Schol of T rinity. W.W. Greg.Afterwards Trinity Librarian,and Author.-E.H.Y. ( Sir E. Hilton Young ,brother of G.W.Y.)[penciled in]
The start was usually made in New Court. From the dormer window of J.M.Talbot (now Head Master of Haileybury)
The Order of First Ascents was - 1895 The Hall. Circuit of New Court.Part circuit of Great Court. Part circuit of Cloister Court. The Library. The Chapel. I Court. The Master's Lodge.
Of the Hall,the first ascent was made by G.W.Y alone.The second with F.M.l. The third,with C.K.C. (on this occasion the re d Stj Parry,then Tutor,identified C.K.C's handkerchief, left with the corner torn off on the 'ball',-with exquisite detective acumen.But generously took no further action.)
Of the Library, the its sac. was made by G.W.Y,with C.K.C.The second,with F.M.L., C.K.C, A.M.M, and R.W. The third,with G.M.T.when the globe of Geography was found to be loose. The fourth, by R.W. alone.who took up green paper sunshades,to decorate the Statues.
In I900 the Guide was written from memory,by G,WmY., in Jena, and in three days. The M.S was returned to A.M.M at Trinity ,for verification.A.M.M also provided the plans and sketches. He and E.H.Y.during the Long Vac. repeated the climbs It was on this occasion that E.H.Y. fell in love with the route over the 'Ivy arch' into Johns.They repeated it three times after I2,returning each time by Trinity Great Gate. On the third occasion the Porters remarked on the remarkable series of entries without corresponding exits, and they were sent do
for the Long.. The only tragedy of Roof-climbing .
In winter 1900-and Spring I90I further climbing by G.W.Y and E.H.Y.
In I90i the Council appointed a Committee to consider the whole question,cons is
ting of G.M.T. G.T.Walker (later ydrographer Royal in India and Sir Gilbert)
who opted G.W.Y as non-resident member.A complete circuit of all the Courts was
made,by daylight,with the Porters in attendance with the College Fire-ropes.The
rope was left hanging from Chapel( Great Gate end) as a sigh. A Report was pre=
sensed,and it is presumed,a resolution adopted upon it.
In I902 A.M.M. J.F.D, and G.W.Y , being all up to take M.A.Degree, the circuits
were repeated, and additional explorations made of I Court.

About (?) I904, Horace de Vere Cole,climbed the Great Gate,from the roof level
Ho.O.Jones,G,W,Y and others made excursions on the Labs,Clare ,Emmanuel etc.
During these years the founders of the Camb Mount. [at Trinity] Club roof-climbed;but made
no new expeditions of note.
A new impetus was given by the
G.S. Adair now Fellow of Kings climbed the Kings Chapel,
This was repeated by   ?      ,and      ? Morland

Jons Epoch
    Hartley .Oliver Gray ,Darlington after the war
Johns explorations. Johns Guide, Trinity climbs,Great Gate from outside etc.

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