The Time Machine seen in 1964

The Time Machine by HG Wells.

Airmont Classics series paperback N Y 1964.

Interesting cover art by an anonymous artist envisaging a time machine as a type of flying oven. From the portentous introduction by Donald Wollheim:

'..if you have never read The Time Machine before I envy you the experience. It is a fascinating story you have awaiting you, one that spans all time until the last red rays of a dying sun shine down on a bleak and used up landscape. A story that will linger in your imagination…

Is it to be this way? you will ask. This is a vision of a future, but is it to be the future? We live in a pivotal century which may well decide what will happen to our children's children for a hundred generations. So, reader, the decision may well be up to you.'

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