Facts on the Fab Four from ‘Fabulous’ 1965

Trivial info on the Beatles from their 'fab' days. Found in 'Fabulous' 1965.  Surely they were the first 'boy band' and the template for all boy bands since?

John flew to Hong Kong wearing pyjamas.

John is a cat lover.

Ringo spent much of his childhood in a Cheshire hospital.

John used to envy his cousin Stanley's Meccano set.

Brian Epstein hesitated a long time before taking Ringo as a replacement for Pete Best.

Patti Boyd didn't like the Beatles before she met them on the set of A Hard Day's Night.

John's father was a singer on  prewar Atlantic liners.

George has bought a bow and arrow.

George is afraid of flying.

Ringo's stepfather Harry Graves sings  Beatles songs at family parties.

The Beatles never visit a barber.

John never saw an audience properly until Dundee in Scotland. Then he wore contact lenses.

Paul washes is hair every day.

Ringo cannot swim, except for a brief doggie paddle.

They are never photographed with their hair 'up'.

Paul ate  cornflakes and bacon and eggs at a champagne and caviar luncheon in London. Music publisher Dick James was host.

Their new chauffeur, Alf Bicknell, used to drive for David Niven and Cary Grant.

John has bought his mother-in-law a house near his own in Surrey.

Paul wants to buy a farm.

An American firm wrote to the Beatles asking if they could market the Beatles bath water for a dollar a bottle.

They refused the offer.

Their road manager Mal Evans was once a bouncer at the Liverpool Cavern Club.

Neil Aspinall their road manager  was given a Jaguar last Christmas – a present from the Beatles.

Paul has a Mini as well as an Aston Martin DB4.

Paul drinks coffee for breakfast ,the others drink tea – even in America.

Ringo had his clothes designed by a woman, Caroline Charles.

Jane Asher bought Paul a record player for his  Aston Martin.

Brian says 'America discovered Ringo'.

Paul believes he is not a very good guitarist.

None of the Beatles drink Scotch and Coke. They now dilute the occasional spirit with lemonade.

The Beatles never really liked jelly babies. They just said they did for a joke.

They carry a crate of pop in the trunk of their Austin Princess.

Burt Lancaster has sent Ringo a set of pistols. They became friends in Hollywood.

Burt let them use his home pushed for a showing of A Shot in the Dark.

Edward G Robinson and his grandchild twice joined the queue to shake hands with the Beatles at their Hollywood garden party.

So did Mrs Dean Martin and her five children.

The Beatles have no pockets in their trousers only two side pockets in their jackets. Paul designed them.

None of the Beatles wear a vest.

All they carry on them in the way of money is a few banknotes.

*There is some doubt whether Lennon's father sang on prewar liners, although it is known that Ringo sang on liners pre- Beatles.

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