A Devastated Bookshop

Sold in auction in New York 25/6/13 as part of  'The Library of Stuart and Caroline Schimmel' a pair of book related watercolours. These paintings appear to have been traded several times in the last 20 years but here made $3250 including the 'juice' (i.e. Bonham's sturdy 25%). Described thus:-


PARKMAN, ALFRED EDWARD. 1852-c.1930. Two original watercolors, "Canynge House, Redcliffe Street after the Great Fire 1881," 295 x 242 mm and 303 x 247 mm, the first titled and signed "Parkman." Float-mounted, matted and individually framed.

Canynges House was built in the middle of the 15th century by a family of rich Bristol merchants; the original Renaissance fireplace is depicted in the first drawing. By the 19th century the house was occupied by C.T. Jefferies & Sons, printers and booksellers, and is shown here after the disastrous fire of October, 1881.

These slightly  disturbing images are reminiscent of the well known photos taken of the library at Holland House in Kensington, London after enemy attack in WW2.

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