King Kong’s Vital Statistics

Found in Mostly Monsters by John Robert Colombo (Ontario 1977). A curious work of 'found' poems mainly from monster books and movies. For example, this piece extracted from Gustav Meyrink's 1915 novel The Golem:

But this I know-
That there is something here
In our quarter of the town...
Something that cannot die,
And has its being within our midst.
From generation to generation
Our ancestors have lived here
In this place,
And no one has heard more tales
About this reappearance
Of the Golem-
Happenings actually experienced
As well as handed down-
Than I have.

Another 'poem' is taken from a publicity handout for Merian Cooper's 1932 movie King Kong:

Height   50 feet

Face   7 feet from hairline to chin

Nose   2 feet

Lips   6 feet from corner to corner

Brows   4 feet 3 inches

Mouth   6 feet when stretched as a smile

Eyes   Each 10 inches long

Ears   1 feet long

Eye-Teeth   10 inches high, 7 inches at base

Molars   14 inches round 4 inches high

Chest 60 feet in repose

Legs  15 feet

Arms  23 feet

Reach   75 feet

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