A Khruschev joke

A clipping from the Daily Telegraph 2/6/1956.

Khruschev Anecdote 

Only rarely did Molotov, now retired, show the slightest trace of a sense of humour. Khruschev , on the other hand,won full marks in Downing Street for the story he told there.

He was describing his difficulties with his new middle class of technicians. 'You can't' he explained 'go on telling them what to do and think.The Secret Police handle them stupidly.'

Then he said that recently he had joined some technological students over the samovar to see what sort of ideas they had.

He turned to one and asked: 'Tell me, who wrote Anna Karenina?' 'Not me Comrade Khruschev, not me. I assure you.'

Tolstoy Redivivus

Next day Khruschev sent for the Secret Police chief. 'You see' he told them 'what nonsense goes on as the result of your stupid methods. I ask a student who wrote Anna Karenina and  me tells it wasn't him.'

Later that day the Secret Police chief came back and said: 'I have dealt with the matter of the student you complained about.'

'Well' said Khruschev, 'what have you done?'

'I had him round the office for an hour and he has now confessed he did write Anna Karenina.'

2 thoughts on “A Khruschev joke

  1. Edwin Moore

    Excellent Nigel. Reminds me of the only joke I know attributed to Mao , and a good one it is. Asked what would have happened had Khruschev been assassinated rather than Kennedy he replied that Onassis would not have married Mrs Khruschev.

  2. Roger Allen

    The other Khruschev joke:
    At the 1956 Party Congress where Khruschev denounced Stalin there is uproar and- bit by bit- a note is passed to the front and given to Khruschev. He opens it.
    "I have a note here." he says, "It says: 'Where were you when these vile deeds took place?' Who wrote it?"
    Complete silence.
    "Come, comrades," says Khruschev. "All I want is an answer to my question. Who wrote this note?"
    Complete silence.
    "Well, Comrade, at least I can answer your question. That's where I was."


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