Little known historical facts

(for use in pub quizzes)


Henry the First was drowned in the wreck of the Channel Steamer called the White Star Line


When Englishmen on one side fight Englishmen on the other it is called a General Election.


Another name for Tories is Preservatives.


Karl Marx is a character in “The Third Round “by Sapper


The chief work of the British in Egypt since 1880 has been the extermination of the sphinxes and the evacuation of old caves


When Wolsey was young he was the son of a butcher.


The Battle of Trafalgar was fought on sea, and therefore it is sometimes called Waterloo


“ Bring out your dead”, was what the judges said when a prisoner was brought from his cells for trial.


Childe Harold was defeated at Hastings by William the Conqueror.


Garibaldi was a maker of biscuits


Henry the Seventh did not allow retainers to have livers


William the Second met his death by stepping on a hot coal while riding in the New Forest


Mussolini is a type of material used for ladies’ stockings


James the Fourth of Scotland afterwards became James the Fourth of England because his mother, Margaret of Norway, had died childless.


After the Battle of Worcester, Charles the Second fled disguised as a pheasant


Nelson was born a weak and sickly man. He grew up to be a weak and sickly boy. Unfortunately the had his eye shot out by Napoleon. He is now a statue in Trafalgar Square, and he has his hand out saying, “Lest we forget “.


Thomas a Beckett lived a dissipated life. Three nights killed him.


Latimer was a martyr who was tied to the stake and said to Ridley, “Cheer up brother Ridley, you’ll soon be dead “.


Queen Elizabeth died a naturalist’s death.


Lady Jane Grey sat on the thorn for a few days.


The Venerable Bede was a piece of stone made in the stone age with an inscription on it.


The cause of the Indian Mutiny was that the sepoy soldiers before they could use their cartridges had to be greased with the fat of a pig.


The first man who went to the Crusades was Robinson Crusoe.


In 1733 Walpole brought forward an Excise Bill by which tobacco and wine were to be taxed only when used for internal consumption.


Drake went to Cadiz to sign the King’s beard.


The curfew bell was rung to tell the Saxons tea was ready.


Charles the First died of excitement because he lost his head.


The King’s Pardon is what people apply for if they have triplets.


The result of the persecution of Protestants living in France was that very many Hottentots came across to England.


The Chartists wanted every man under 21 to have a vote.


Nelson was mortally killed at the Battle of Trafalgar and died after it.


Taken from The Howlers Omnibus(1928)



Lord Nelson

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