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Praise for Everyman’s Encyclopaedia

Everyman's EncyclopaediaFound-  a bookmark advertising the virtues of Everyman’s Encyclopaedia.  For obvious reasons the set is now of very little value, except as decoration. In the 1920s, when these were written it was a (relatively) portable fount of all knowledge – hence these brief encomiums from the great and the good (and the titled). Sets could be bought with their own small book-case ‘in unstained oak’ and the deluxe versions in full leather (£7 10 shillings.)  It boasted 7 million words and 2700 illustrations plus a World Atlas.

Some opinions on Everyman’s

Prof. Sir J. Arthur Thomson

What an encyclopaedia! So comprehensive and yet so compact. It is like a well-arranged series of levers, releasing a wealth of potential energy with minimum effort.

H. G. Wells

I think it remarkably good value.

Viscountess Snowden

A wonderful production. These 12 volumes form a library in themselves, a never-failing source of information and delight.

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