The A.A. Gunner’s creed

A.A. RAF team in Normandy.
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Found in The Journal of the Royal Air Force Volume 15, no. 2 Autumn, 1935. pp 229-230 The A.A. Gunner's Creed, by H. W. H. The journal preface the creed by stating "…the origin of this creed is unknown, and the Editor publishes it hoping that he is not infringing any copyright" - a sentiment we also echo. HWH shows considerable wit and was probably a formidable gunner. A.A., as every WWII buff knows, stands for 'Anti-Aircraft.'

Whosoever will be saved: before all things it is necessary to hold the A.A. Faith.

Which Faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled: without doubt he shall miss the target everlastingly.

And the A.A. Faith is this: that we worship Calibration and the Mean of Three Height Readings.

Neither confounding the Height-takers: nor cavilling at their marvellous discrepancies.

For there is one Height of the Mirror, another of the Altimeter: and another of the U.B.2.

And yet there are not three Heights; but one Height.

The Mirror is uncertain, the Altimeter uncertain: and the U.B.2. uncertain.

And yet there are not three Uncertainties: but one Supreme Uncertainty.

The Mirror has a mean error, the Altimeter has a mean error: and the U.B.2. has a mean error.

And yet there are not three Mean Errors; but one Mean Error of magnitude amazing.

Agin, there is the Pilot's Height, the Instrumental Height, and the True Height: but we believe in Ballistic Height, yet which it is, passeth all understanding.

So likewise there is a Prediction of the Fuze, a Prediction of the Vertical: and a Prediction of the Lateral.

And yet there are not three Predictions: but one continuous Prophecy.

The Fuze Prediction is incomprehensible, the Vertical Prediction is incomprehensible: and Lateral the Prediction is incomprehensible.

And yet there are not three incomprehensibles: but one incomprehensible.

The Fuze variety with the heights and angle of sight, the Vertical variety with the height and angle of sight: and the Lateral variety with the height and angle of sight.

Yet there are not three Heights or three Angles of Sight: but one Ballistic Height and one Future Angle of Sight.

The Fuze variety with the course, the Vertical variety with the course: and the Lateral variety with the course. 

Yet there are not three Course: but one Course.

So we are forbidden by the A.A. Faith to say that there be three Fuzes, or three angles of Sight: or three Courses.

The Future Fuze is of the Predictor: it is created and oft-times misbegotten. 

The Lateral is of the Predictor: it is evoked and at all times inconstant.

The Vertical is of the Predictor and of the Lateral: it is generated, revolving, yet misleading.

And of this Trinity none is afore or after other: none is of greater importance or less than another: but the whole three Predictions are concurrent and co-equal.

So that in all things as is aforesaid: the three Predictions are one  Prediction for each Group and must be begotten simultaneously and fired directly

This is therefore is the A.A. Faith: we believe that he who prophesieth falsely or taketh into account an unsteady rate shall be damned everlastingly at the Pow-wow.

But he who hath perfect knowledge of calibration and hath power over his Height-finders and Predictors shall be exhaled, for unto him great kudos shall be given: and he shall be made ruler over many A.A. guns.

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